Natural family planning and natural contraception is within your reach. Stay natural and keep your body hormone free.

At The Ethical Family Planning Association, we have one goal in mind. Education. Decisions about contraception, family planning, and various other sexual health topics affect women and couples for much of their lives, and yet, many times these decisions are made without thorough understanding of the topic.


This website is the starting point of a new initiative to bring awareness about natural family planning , non-hormonal contraception, and other alternative solutions to sexual health topics. Through our informative articles, video tutorials and comprehensive forum, our team at The Ethical Family Planning Association is determined to shed new light on various alternatives and demonstrate that they are within your reach.


We believe that a women's body is a perfect creation, and learning to get in touch with its natural rhythms, not alter them with medicines and hormones, is a liberating journey.


Pregnancy can only occur if intercourse takes place during a short window of time, called the Fertility Window. If you want to avoid pregnancy, knowing exactly when this window occurs, for your specific cycle, when used within the 99% accurate Sympto-Thermal parameters, is proven to be an equally effective method of birth control as the pill. On the other hand, if you have been unsuccessfully trying for a pregnancy for a while, this same window if time, again becomes important. Instead of shelling out thousands for IVF treatments, the difficulty may simply be the result of not having sex during the fertile time. With simple knowledge, a lot of heart ache can be avoided.


We invite you to voyage into the world of The Ethical Family Planning Association. We are confident you will be happy you did.





Vegan and Organic

YES Lubricants

YES Organic and Vegan Lubricants YES

YES water based lubricants are compatible with ContraGel, vegan condoms and FemCap.  They are made from all natural ingredients, are completely chemical free, organic and totally vegan.


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Be Sure!


Cyclotest for NFP

Introducing Cyclotest. For Natural Family Planning (NFP) or pregnancy planning, Cyclotest has levels of reliability, flexibility and ease of use which make it a hi-tech yet natural solution for so many couples.


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Hormone Free Contraception


FemCap Cervical Cap

El FemCap is a non hormonal, instantly reversible, barrier contraceptive, approved by the FDA and CE as well as being prescribed by the NHS.


As a cervical cap it helps prevent sperm reaching the uterus in order to reduce the risk of pregnancy in fertile women during their Fertility Window.

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Natural Family Planning

The Natural Way

Natural Family Planning NFP

The natural way to reliably control contraception or plan for pregnancy within your relationship. The Sympto-Thermal method of NFP is 99.6% reliable and just a bit of education can bring that within your reach.


Natural Family Planning is the way forwards for those who want to go hormone free!.


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Breastfeeding & Fertility

Post Partum Fertility

Breastfeeding & Fertility

During pregnancy and just afterwards a woman is not fertile. This is recognised as a form of Natural Family Planning.


The duration of post partum infertility can be prolonged when breastfeeding. But how does a nursing mother know when her fertility will return and ovulation will once more bring the risk of pregnancy?


Learn About Breastfeeding & Fertility


Know Your Choices

Contraceptive Methods

Contraceptive Methods

The pill, hormones, coils, implants, patches, diaphragms, caps or Natural Family Planning. Which is right for you?.


Due to the fight against AIDs in the 80's, condoms were heavily pushed and due to governments wanting to cut health service costs hormonal contraception has been heavily promoted in schools. Do you and your partner really understand the contraceptive options available to you?.


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