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At The Ethical Family Planning Association, we have one goal in mind. Education. Decisions about contraception, family planning, and various other sexual health topics affect women and couples for much of their lives, and yet, many times these decisions are made without thorough understanding of the topic.


This website is the starting point of a new initiative to bring awareness about natural family planning , non-hormonal contraception, and other alternative solutions to sexual health topics. Through our informative articles, video tutorials and comprehensive forum, our team at The Ethical Family Planning Association is determined to shed new light on various alternatives.


We believe that a women's body is a perfect creation, and learning to get in touch with its natural rhythms, not alter them with medicines and hormones, is a liberating journey.


Pregnancy can only occur if intercourse takes place during a short window of time, called the Fertility Window. If you want to avoid pregnancy, knowing exactly when this window occurs, for your specific cycle, when used within the 99% accurate Sympto-Thermal parameters, is proven to be an equally effective method of birth control as the pill. On the other hand, if you have been unsuccessfully trying for a pregnancy for a while, this same window if time, again becomes important. Instead of shelling out thousands for IVF treatments, the difficulty may simply be the result of not having sex during the fertile time. With simple knowledge, a lot of heart ache can be avoided.


We invite you to voyage into the world of The Ethical Family Planning Association. We are confident you will be happy you did.



You Have A Choice: Contraceptive Options
choosing a contraceptive method

If you are researching various contraceptive methods, it means you are not just following the herd and using a hormonal contraception because it is what everyone seems to do. Good for you. But as you will soon learn there are so many methods of contraception that choosing what is best for you can be confusing.


Hormonal or non-hormonal, IUDs, barriers, cervical caps and much more - we break down all the different methods available to you, and give the pros and cons of each one.


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Barrier Contraception For Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Barrier contraceptive devices

Condoms are over and above the most popular and well known barrier contraceptive, but for people looking to go 'non-hormonal,' they are not the only barrier option.


Those who practice Fertility Awareness will often times use a barrier contraceptive, but many do not like the feeling of a silicone sheath obstructing the natural intimacy of skin to skin contact. Diaphragms, cervical caps, and and contraceptive sponges are all less known methods of birth control that can be very effective in preventing pregnancy.


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Natural Contraception Made Easier Thanks To Contraceptive Monitors

cyclotest fertility monitor

Deciding to embark on a journey towards hormone free birth control is a liberating decision, but it may also seem like a lot of work you don't really have time for. Taking your temperature each morning and creating, maintaining, and most importantly understanding a chart can be overwhelming. Don't worry - you're not alone!


Contraceptive Monitors such as Cyclotest take all the hard work out of Natural Family Planing. With Cyclotest, all you have to do is take your temperature from an integrated thermometer on your handheld device and a clear chart, with your complete fertility story, will instantly appear. Brilliant!


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Cyclotest Contraceptive Monitor

cyclotest fertility monitor

Cyclotest contraceptive monitors are the premier contraceptive monitors on the market today. Deceptively small and convenient for such a versatile device, this powerhouse package is your key to successful natural family planning.


It is built with the busy women in mind, with small details like an alarm, a built in thermometer, and an intuitive, clear display that marks your fertility window. But hands down, the best part about Cyclotest, is its incredible 99% reliability.


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Vegan Fair Trade Condoms

French Letter vegan condoms

If you want a short term method of contraception that is all natural, you may automatically think condoms. But what exactly is going into the typical drug store condom?


French Letter condoms are the perfect option for the vegan and environmentally aware consumer. With three different styles to choose from for an enhanced intimate experience, you are sure to find the perfect Eco-friendly complement to your love life.


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The Diaphragm: A Barrier Contraceptive

Buy milex diaphragm for barrier contraception

Many women who are seeking a natural for of birth control choose a diaphragm, to use either as their sole contraceptive method or to use in conjunction with Natural Family Planning where the diaphragm will only need during the short fertility window.


A diaphragm is a latex or silicone cup with a firm flexible rim and shallow dome that is inserted within the vaginal canal to block sperm from entering the cervix. Spermicide is applied to the outer surface of the diaphragm in order to stop sperm from creeping in through the sides.


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The All New FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap starter pack

The FemCap cervical cap is the premier barrier contraceptive on the market today. Barrier contraceptives are experiencing a revival as couples learn about the benefits of going non-hormonal and are seeking a safe, natural, easy to use, and effective contraceptive option.


FemCap is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly form of reversible contraception. It is hormone and latex free and has been in production for over 10 years. It was designed to improve on diaphragms that are lager and intimidating to insert and condoms that interrupt the flow of the sexual experience and can break or tear.


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ContraGel: A Natural Spermicide Alternative

ContraGel natural spermicide

ContraGel is the all-natural, vegan, safe and effective spermicide alternative that is taking the barrier contraceptive world by storm. It is a gel-like substance that forms a the correct tight seal around the contraceptive device giving that critical boost of reliability.


By only using100% natural ingredients, ContraGel Green reduces the risk and occurrence of many adverse reactions which are synonymous with chemically packed spermicides, in particular those containing Nonoxynol-9.


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Gygel: Traditional Nonoxonol-9 Spermicide

N-9 Spermicide

Most couples who choose barrier contraceptives do so for the environmental and health benefits of going non-hormonal. Gygel is a nonoxonol-9 based spermicide in gel form create the ideal seal around the barrier contraceptive.


However, we feel it is important that you know that many spermicides are laden with an alarming amount of chemicals that often cause skin irritation and can be harmful to your health. Get educated on what is actually in your spermicide before you decide to buy.


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Ditch The Pill Today!

detox after hormonal contraceptives

It is important to know that having been on the pill can change the game plan in some very important ways as you try to conceive. It may take your body sometime to restore its natural hormonal balance, and for your optimal fertility to return.


This waiting time can be frustrating, after all, you stopped using birth control in order to become pregnant. In hindsight, you might choose a more natural method of birth control if you know you would eventually like to add to your family. Arm yourself with information now so you can make the best decisions possible.


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Men Find Hormone-Free Women More Attractive

attract men naturally by going non-hormonal

There are obvious health benefits, clear environmental benefits, but here's on benefit you probably did not expect when you choose to start using natural contraception instead of hormones. Men find women who are not using hormones to be more attractive. How's that for a nice bonus!


Of course, we don't believe this is THE reason to make the switch to non hormonal birth control, but nonetheless it is an interesting phenomenon.


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Conceive Naturally With The Aid Of A Fertility Monitor

fertility monitors for conception

Fertility monitors are amazing tools used to predict the best time to make love in order to become pregnant. They track your fertility for you, and some have the option to download your cycle chart, saving valuable time if that information is ever needed by your doctor of fertility specialist.


They take all the confusing numbers and charting out of tracking your ovulation, and allow you to know when you are ovulation. You can have all this information without using disposable ovulation tests that can become expensive to buy and end up in landfills. Learn about this revolutionary tool here!


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Conceive Naturally With Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor

get pregnant with cyclotest baby

With everything you might possibly need to get a clear picture of your fertility window and cycle pattern built in, the Cyclotest Baby's extraordinary capability and low cost makes it our top fertility monitor.


This monitor features intuitive display screens, a built in thermometer, and USB connectivity to allow you to download your fertility charts should they be needed by your doctor. And after the device has served it conception purposes, it can be used as part of your hormone free, all natural birth control plan. All this in one device!


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A Green Solution For Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness and What You Can Do About It

Yes® lubricants are the progressive choice for green and chemical free lubricants to enhance your love life. Our range of water-based lubricants will not damage latex diaphragms, condoms or cervical caps and can be used as frequently as desired with out worrying about irritation or other side effects.


As many as 80% of women going through the menopause experience vaginal dryness that can cause discomfort not only in the bedroom, but during daily activity. Yes products are the perfect choice for those who use vaginal moisturizers on a regular basis.


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Rebuilding Vaginal Strength With Dilators

Vaginal Dilators

Women who suffer from narrowing and scarring of the vagina often experience discomfort during sex, which can be both emotionally and physically traumatizing.


Vaginal Dilators offer a discreet solution for rehabilitation that can be used in the comfort of your own home. The gradual increase in sizing allows the user to slowly regain confidence, strengthen and relax the vaginal muscles, and best of all progress at their own pace.


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