Cyclotest - The Natural Way to Hormone-Free Contraception

hormone free contraception with cyclotest

As small and as light as a mobile phone (8 cm x 10.8 cm x 3.3 cm), weighing 110 g and equipped with state-of-the-art fertility technology, this is Cyclotest!



Cyclotest is your essential companion on your journey to successful contraception, using its high-precision temperature sensor to pinpoint your ovulation to show your fertility wiindow on the display. When you know the 6-8 days per cycle when intercourse has the risk of pregnancy then you are free to choose whether you abstain from sex on those days or if you use a barrier method of contraception.




1, Wake up and take your temperature

Immediately upon waking but before getting up, measure your Basal Body Temperature (BBT). You do this by placing the temperature sensor in one of the pockets under your tongue, then press the large round button and wait until the unit beeps. Done!

Unlike other fertility monitors you don't have to measure every day; instead, measurements from the start of your cycle through to just after ovulation will suffice. Then you can take a break from measuring until the next start of menstruation.



2, Check the fertility display


fertility timeline



3, Plan your lovelife in advance


cyclotest display


...and an optional fourth step which makes cyclotest the real star of the party....

When the highly fertile phase is indicated in the fertility display, it is possible with the aid of cyclotest ovulation test to detect the ovulatory hormone LH (luteinising hormone) and enter this data into cyclotest. Alternativley you can enter in when you observe the higly sticky cervical mucus associated with ovulation. Adding one of these observations to cyclotest's data adds an unrivalled level of accuracy to it's predictions for your fertility.



Some contraceptive monitors use just the BBT and some use just the LH hormone observations. Cyclotest uses both.



No other fertility monitor available in Europe can offer this dual symptothermal method of monitoring your fertility!



Cyclotest 2 Plus allows you to practise natural contraception without side effects.  Using this method of birth control does not interfere with your body's natural processes, so your natural rhythm stays the way nature intended and using it is made really easy.



After practicing contraception using Cyclotest 2 Plus for just a short period of time, many women report a different perception of their bodies and are much more in-tuned to their femininity. Prior problems experienced while taking the pill such as migraines, loss of sex drive, mood swings and weight gain are frequently resolved after just a short amount of time.





Cyclotest 2 Plus was developed in order to offer women a reliable alternative to hormonal contraception methods.  It facilitates natural contraception safely and easily and can be used by all women.



Cyclotest 2 Plus determines your personal fertile using your body temperature. Simply take your waking temperature every morning of your cycle until ovulation. Cyclotest then tells you if you're fertile or non-fertile on that day.  This simple process gives you the information you need to know to plan your love life.  You can decide whether to abstain from sex or use another form of contraception on your fertile days in order to avoid pregnancy.  You can rely on this assesment from the very first day that you use the unit.



Cyclotest 2 plus - Contraception When You Want It

Cyclotest Fertility  DisplayWhile the pill and other forms of hormonal contraception continue to work when you do not want to have sex or are in your non-fertile phase, cyclotest facilitates contraception to suit your requirements.  Cyclotest 2 Plus let's you decide when and when not to take extra contraceptive precaution by displaying your fertility status results clearly.



You can also continue to use Cyclotest when you're ready to have a baby in order to pinpoint the highly fertile days when you're most likely to get pregnant by using the same data and fertility display as you would use when thinking of contraception. And when you have given birth and your fertility you go again with your Cyclotest.



No hormones means no side effects

The use of cyclotest involves no side effects whatsoever and gives you the freedom to plan your love life according to your fertile and non-fertile days.



Comfortable readings with an innovative thermometer

Buy Cyclotest Contraceptive MonitorCyclotest 2 Plus measures your body temperature with a high-precision temperature sensor which meets the highest standards.



Its flexible neck is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which has a velvety soft coating, its flexibility enables you to place the sensor in the optimum position underneath your tongue and ensures a pleasant feeling in your mouth during the measurement  process.



Enhanced reliability through Symto-thermal double checking

Cyclotest units are the only cycle computers certified in Europe which are able to include two indicators of fertility in its calculations (temperature, hormone levels and results from your cervical-mucus observation). This sympto-thermal method makes cyclotest stand out from the crowd.



Planning reliability through prognosis

Cyclotest  Contraceptive ComputerThe cyclotest  contraceptive monitor indicates in advance when it anticipates your ovulation in the current cycle. The anticipated data is constantly monitored and adjusted as the daily readings are entered since many women are simply not as regular as others. Cyclotest responds to these variations and lets you know in advance when your fertile and non-fertile days will be.



USB interface for transferring your data

You can transfer your personal cycle data to your PC via the integrated USB port using the USB cable supplied with the unit. With the enclosed cyclotest fertility monitoring software you can display your cycle data in a cycle curve and summarise the data in a fertility profile. You can then print out, store or e-mail this fertility profile.

The fertility profile can be PDF'd and emailed to provide your doctor with useful indicators to many health issues.  This function of cyclotest is unlike any other monitor on the European market.



No follow-up costs

Unlike other monitors which require the recurring cost of test sticks, Cyclotest is a one time only purchase.  Everything you need to monitor fertility is included in your cyclotest package.



Value For Money Winner

Cyclotest offers the best value when compared to other fertility monitors and came out on top in a test by the German consumer-protection organisation STIFTUNG WARENTEST, the equivelent of Which? Magazine in the UK. A big recognition!.



Check out the video below to see how easy it is to use Cyclotest 2 Plus!