Natural Contraception

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Why Avoid Hormones

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  • Connect with your natural fertility instead of medicating away your femininity.
  • Allow your body to fluctuate naturally.
  • Decrease your risk of stroke, breast cancer, and bone thinning.
  • Increase your sex drive, increase your energy levels, and increase your bodily awareness.

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Understand Your Body

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  • Did you know you can actually only become pregnant for about 7 days out of the month?
  • Did you know you don't need contraception every time you have intercourse?
  • Understand your ovulation symptoms and why they are important.
  • Learn to identify your unique fertility window.

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Choose A Barrier

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  • Classic diaphragm is inserted to block sperm. Must be fitted by a health practitioner.
  • FemCap covers your cervix making it impossible for sperm to enter. Three simple sizes.
  • Updated Caya diaphragm. Single size; still requires fitting.
  • ContraGel Spermicide alternative for a totally natural birth control system.
  • Glyde vegan condoms. Without the chemical additives found in most brands.
Classic Barrier Contraception


hormone free birth control

  • Effectively used for decades before being replaced by hormonal contraceptives
  • Silicone dome blocks sperm from entering the uterus
  • No hormone altering substances
  • Zero long term effects on fertility
  • Must be fit by a doctor, available for purchase here

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Cervical Cap


FemCap cervical cap UK

  • Lightly suctions to cervix to block sperm from entering uterus
  • Three simple sizes
  • Smaller and less intimidating design then diaphragms
  • Can be inserted hours before intercourse
  • Allows natural skin-to-skin intimacy

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Single Size Diaphragm


easy natural birth control

  • Redesigned diaphragm with all the benefits of traditional diaphragm
  • Single size technology eliminates need for frequent resizing
  • Lightweight construction with silky smooth silicone
  • Designed for maximum ease of use

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Ethical Pleasure

Vegan Condoms

  • Prevents sexually transmitted diseases
  • Easy to use with little planning
  • Zero side effects
  • Ethical manufacturing process
  • Fair Trade product

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Non Toxic Spermicide Alternative


natural spermicide

  • Enables safe barrier contraceptive use without toxic spermicide
  • Natural, non-allergenic, non-abrasive ingredients
  • Viscose consistency creates a barrier that traps sperm
  • Low PH creates inhospitable environment for sperm
  • Over 35 Years of satisfied users

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Fertility Charting, Simplified

Cyclotest NFP Monitor

natural spermicide

  • All you have to do is take your temperature every morning — the rest happens automatically
  • Don't be held back by complicated graphs and terms
  • Feel totally secure using the 99% effective Symptothermal method
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    1. FemCap Cervical Cap for Hormone Free Barrier Contraception

      Buy The FemCap Cervical Cap for Hormone Free Barrier Contraception

      Price (Inc. VAT): £49.99

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      Release yourself from the endless side effects and long term health risks of hormonal birth control. Say goodbye to mood-killing condoms.

      FemCap is a small and easily inserted cervical cap constructed from strong, medical- grade, hypoallergenic silicone. The dome of the cap together with contraceptive gel, lightly suctions to the cervix, making it impossible for sperm to enter.

      • 100% natural, hormone-free contraception
      • Silicone dome securely caps the cervix; brim holds contraceptive gel in place
      • Choose from 3 easily determinable sizes
      • Unlike a condom, does not interrupt skin-to-skin intimacy
      • Manufactured in the United States of America
      • FDA approved
      • Health Canada approved
      • EU / CE 0470 Certified
    2. Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer (Fertility Charts Included)

      Cyclotest Lady Quality BBT Thermometer with Fertility Charting Kit

      Price (Inc. VAT): £16.50

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      When your all important contraceptive decisions are based off temperature readings, your number one priority is getting totally accurate results. Cyclotest Lady offers just that. A flexible tip for accurate placement, low battery warning so you don't end up with false measurements, and of course, a 30-year tradition of superior quality thermometers backed by hundreds of thousands of satisfied users.

      • Optimized for BBT readings
      • Accurate to the 100th degree
      • Flexible tip is comfortable for oral, vaginal, or anal measurements
      • Low battery indicator so you always know your temperatures are accurate
      • Last temperature is saved allowing you to chart later in the day
    3. Milex Omniflex Vaginal Diaphragms - For Reusable Birth Control

      Milex Omniflex Diaphragms - For Reusable Barrier Contraception

      Price (Inc. VAT): £39.99

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      Milex silicone diaphragm with Omniflex spring mechanism. The Omniflex spring is highly flexible for easy insertion. Available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm & 90mm. Size must be determined by your doctor or a trained healthcare professional.

      • Highly durable
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Silicone
      • Will not absorb fluids or retain odor
      • Easy to sterilize
      • Broad rim with lip to keep contraceptive gel in place
      • Sizing compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing
      • Storage box and instructions included
    4. ContraGel - The Natural Alternative to Spermicide - 60ml Tube - Expiry 2018

      ContraGel - The Natural Alternative to Spermicide - 60ml Tube

      Price (Inc. VAT): £14.99

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      Don't let chemical laden nonoxynol-9 spermicide hinder your goal of all natural contraception. All diaphragms and cervical caps must be used with a contraceptive gel— choose ContraGel instead of N-9 based spermicide to avoid abrasive chemicals and skin irritation.

      ContraGel is available without a prescription. Large 60ml tube provides more applications than leading typical spermicide brands.

      • Enables hormone-free, natural birth control
      • No Nonoxynol-9
      • Non-toxic
      • Vegan
      • Gluten-free
      • Dairy free
      • Waterbased
      • Compatible with YES organic lubricants
      • Over 35 years production history
      • Manufactured in Europe
    5. Glyde Premium Vegan Condoms - Pack of 10 Vegan Condoms for Ethical Contraception

      Glyde Premium Vegan Condoms - Pack of 10 Vegan Condoms for Ethical Contraception

      Price (Inc. VAT): £7.99

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      GLYDE vegan condoms are strong, reliable, super smooth, and constructed with a high-tech 'double dipping' technology. Even better, they are ethically produced, with a special emphasis on Fair Trade and work conditions on the Malaysian rubber plantations. GLYDE condoms do not contain nonoxynol-9 spermicide, talc, or chemical based flavorings. They are compatible with ContraGel spermicide alternative and YES water-based organic lubricants.

      • Exceeds global requirements for strength
      • Certified ethical & vegan by the Vegan Society
      • Four sizes ensure a perfect fit
      • Non-GMO Fair Trade rubber
      • Paraben-free, talc-free, spermicide-free, casein-free
      • Double washed to eliminate latex odor
      • Flavorings made from organic extracts
      • FDA and CE approved
    6. Milex Arcing Vaginal Diaphragms - For Reusable Birth Control

      Milex Arcing Diaphragms - The Reusable Barrier Contraceptive

      Price (Inc. VAT): £39.99

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      Milex silicone diaphragm with an arching hinge mechanism. These diaphragms can be compressed across two axises for insertion. Available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, & 90mm. Correct size must be determined by your doctor or a trained health care professional.

      • Made from medical grade hypoallergenic silicone
      • Highly durable
      • Will not absorb fluids or retain odor
      • Easy to sterilize
      • Broad rim with lip to keep contraceptive gel in place
      • Sizing compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing
      • Storage box and instructions included
    7. Cyclotest LH Hormone Ovulation Predictor Kit (Pack of 9 Tests)

      c(Pack of 9 Tests)

      Price (Inc. VAT): £22.50

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      Ovulation indicates when you are most likely to get pregnant, and with this ovulation predictor kit, you can confirm exactly when you are about to ovulate. Infinitely useful if you are trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy. Avoid false negatives with this high quality, 99% accurate product.

      • Detects LH Hormone, a clear indicator that ovulation is about to occur
      • 99% accurate
      • Durable, hygienic plastic holder
      • Over a weeks worth of tests ensures you won't miss your ovulation date
    8. Gygel Nonoxynol-9 Based Spermicide - Large 81g Tube

      Gygel Nonoxynol-9 Based Spermicide - 30ml Tube

      Price (Inc. VAT): £19.50

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      Gygel Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide Gel is NHS approved for use without prescription. Large 81g tube. This is the #1 spermicide in the UK amongst diaphragm and cervical cap users. For a natural alternative to Gygel, check out ContraGel.

      • NHS Approved For Use Without Prescription
      • Totally Hormone Free
      • Instantly Reversible Contraception.
      • Must Be Used With A Barrier Contraceptive
      • New Larger 81g Tube
    9. Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes (Pack of 12 Wipes)

      Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes (Pack of 12 Wipes)

      Price (Inc. VAT): £2.50

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      These soft cleansing wipes are designed for women to use as part of their daily intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation and as an extra convenience when traveling. They are infused with the certified organic essential oils of chamomile, calendula and French rose as well other natural plant extracts.


      • 100% Organic Cotton
      • Certified By The Vegan Society
      • No Animal Testing
      • Chlorine, Alcohol, And Detergents Free
      • Infused With Organic Essential Oils
      • #1 Ranking By The Ethical Company Organisation


    10. Caya Single Size Contoured Diaphragm

      Caya Single Size Contoured Diaphragm

      Price (Inc. VAT): £39.99

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      The classic barrier contraceptive just got a makeover! A new, more modern diaphragm with advanced design features to make insertion and removal easy and accurate. One size technology reduces the need for refitting.

      Caya in the USA can be ordered from here

      • 100% natural instantly reversible contraception
      • Hormone-free
      • Latex-free
      • Designed for maximum ease of use
      • One Size Fits Most
      • Suitable for 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms users
      • EU / CE 0470 Certified
      • FDA Approved
    11. Pasante Non-Spermicidally Lubricated, Non-Latex Female Condoms

      Pesante - Pack of 3 X Female Condoms

      Price (Inc. VAT): £5.50

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      Pasante branded pack of Female Condoms. Giving women choice. Non-spermicidally lubricated non-latex female condom. Soft and comfortable, it lines the inside of the vagina and provides superior heat transfer and sensitivity. Compatible with ContraGel and YES lubricants.


      • Length: 170mm, Width: 80mm, Average Thickness: 50 microns.
      • Currently the world's ONLY non-spermicidally lubricated non-latex female condom.
      • Can be inserted up to an hour before.
      • Odourless, tasteless and does not require male erection.
      • Prevents the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS.
      • Does not reduce a male partner's stimulation.
      • Protects the vagina and vulva.
      • Can be used by people with latex sensitivities.
      • Erection not necessary to keep condom in place.


    12. Milex Diaphragm Fitting Kit

      Milex Diaphragm Fitting Kit

      Price (Inc. VAT): £60.00

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      Milex silicone diaphragm fitting kit. Allows diaphragm sizing to be determined by Doctors or Gynaecologists. Contains 5 diaphragms of 65, 70, 75, 80 and 85mm for sizing purposes, NOT for contraceptive use.


      • High Durability And Longer Use Life
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Avoids Latex Allergy
      • Does Not Absorb Odors or Secretions
      • Sterilizable, Can Be Boiled or Autoclaved
      • Broad Rim With Lip Keeps Gel Inside Diaphragm And Keeps Tight Fit
      • Sizing Compatible With Ortho All-Flex Sizing
      • Storage Box With Lid Included


    13. Cyclotest Natural Family Planning Monitors

      Cyclotest Natural Family Planning Monitors - 99% Accuracy

      Price (Inc. VAT): £149.00

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      If you’re in search of a better solution than hormonal birth control or invasive procedures, Cyclotest Natural Family Planning monitors will change your life. Just take your temperature daily and the monitor displays your current fertility status: fertile, highly fertile, or infertile — putting you in the drivers seat. And with Cyclotest myWay's simple to use touchscreen interface, it doesn't have to be complicated to be accurate.

      Tight Budget? No Problem. Get the same high-level accuracy and error-proof integrated thermometer with the basic Cyclotest 2 Plus fertility monitor.

      • Take your daily temperature: your fertile and non-fertile days are calculated automatically
      • Advanced algorithm tracks & predicts your fertility window
      • Integrated thermometer calibrated to highest level accuracy
      • Intuitive display for easy to understand information at a glance
      • Monthly calendar view with color coded fertile and infertile days
      • German design and engineering
      • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
      • Free support hotline and startup call