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hormone free contraception with Cyclotest

A Hassle Free Natural Solution

Have looked into natural contraception and just been totally overwhelmed and confused by the charting and the numbers? Have you ever thought to yourself that you would love to be hormone free but you just don't have the time to do much more then pop a pill every day? Do you wish you could find a natural birth control system that you could trust to be completely reliable?



We understand where you are coming from. Most women who look into alternative methods of birth control on a causal, or even more advanced level eventually get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of effort it seems to take to go down a natural path.



Cyclotest is here to change all of that. Simple, easy to use, no confusing charts or numbers. Cyclotest is your essential companion on your path to natural, easy to use birth control you can rely on.



When you know the 6-8 days per cycle when intercourse has the risk of pregnancy, you are free to choose to abstain from sex on those days or to use a barrier method of contraception. This vital knowledge holds the key to natural, hormone free contraception.



Step One: Wake Up and Take Your Temperature

Immediately upon waking but before getting up, measure your Basal Body Temperature (BBT). You do this by placing the temperature sensor in one of the pockets under your tongue, then press the large round button and wait until the unit beeps. Done!



Unlike other fertility monitors you don't have to measure every day; instead, measurements from the start of your cycle through to just after ovulation will suffice. Then you can take a break from measuring until the next start of menstruation.



Step Two: Check The Fertility Display

fertility timeline



Step Three: Plan Your Love-life In Advance

cyclotest display



Optional Step Four: Input A Second Fertility Indicator

The Sympto-Thermal method of fertility monitoring is the most accurate way possible to tell if you are ovulating, and only the Cyclotest allows you to use the method. As the name indicates, the method relies on two factors. 1) A bodily symptom. 2) Your temperature.



What sets Cyclotest apart is your ability to impute a second fertility indicator, of either cervical mucus or cervical position, to further validate the finding through your BBT.



Just one press the large round button when you notice one of these two factors and you have automatically increased the accuracy of the Cyclotest monitor to 99%!



User-Friendly Solution To Confusing Charting

Cyclotest 2 Plus was developed in order to offer women a reliable alternative to hormonal contraception methods.  It facilitates natural contraception safely and easily and can be used by all women.



Cyclotest 2 Plus determines your personal fertile using your body temperature. Simply take your waking temperature every morning of your cycle until ovulation. Cyclotest then tells you if you're fertile or non-fertile on that day.  This simple process gives you the information you need to know to plan your love life.  You can decide whether to abstain from sex or use another form of contraception on your fertile days in order to avoid pregnancy.  You can rely on this assessment from the very first day that you use the unit.



Cyclotest 2 Plus: Contraception When You Want It

Cyclotest Fertility  DisplayWhile the pill and other forms of hormonal contraception continue to work when you do not want to have sex or are in your non-fertile phase, Cyclotest facilitates contraception to suit your requirements.  Cyclotest 2 Plus let's you decide when and when not to take extra contraceptive precaution by displaying your fertility status results clearly.



You can also continue to use Cyclotest when you're ready to have a baby in order to pinpoint the highly fertile days when you're most likely to get pregnant by using the same data and fertility display as you would use when thinking of contraception. And when you have given birth and your fertility you go again with your Cyclotest.



No Hormones = No Side Effects

The use of Cyclotest involves no side effects whatsoever. Millions of women suffer through mood swings, headaches, bloating and other side effects just because they don't think another method of contraception is available.



And in addition to the day to day side effects, the long term health issues caused by the influx of synthetic hormones into our bodies is just now becoming more and more well known. Links to cancer and cardiovascular disease, the difficulty it causes in conceiving after stopping the pill, as well as the environmental concerns of hormonal contamination are making the pill a risk that many are just not interested in taking.



Superior Design and Technology

Buy Cyclotest Contraceptive MonitorCyclotest 2 Plus measures your body temperature with a high-precision temperature sensor which meets the highest standards. It features a flexible neck to make sure you can position it correctly, and the device will inform you if the battery is low and their is a risk of an incorrect reading



The monitor indicates in advance when it anticipates your ovulation in the current cycle. The anticipated data is constantly monitored and adjusted as the daily readings are entered since many women are simply not as regular as others. Cyclotest responds to these variations so even if your cycle changes, the accuracy of your Cyclotest does not.



The Cyclotest 2 plus also comes with USB connectivity. With the enclosed Cyclotest fertility monitoring software you can display your cycle data in a cycle curve and summaries the data in a fertility profile. You can then print out, store or e-mail this fertility profile.



The fertility profile can be made into a PDF and emailed to provide your doctor with useful indicators to many health issues.  This function of Cyclotest is unlike any other monitor on the European market.



No Hidden Costs

Unlike other fertility monitors that require the additional purchase of monthly ovulation of test sticks, Cyclotest is a one time only purchase. Everything you need to monitor fertility is included in your Cyclotest package, and you'll never need to invest another penny into the system.



Cyclotest offers the best value when compared to other fertility monitors and came out on top in a test by the German consumer-protection organisation STIFTUNG WARENTEST, the equivalent of Which? Magazine in the UK. A big recognition!.



Ready To Buy A Cyclotest® 2 Plus?


Well you have come to the correct place! The Ethical Family Planning Association are official distributors for Cyclotest® in the UK and Eire. 



All of our products come straight from the manufacturer, not from wholesalers and we are the only official distributors of Cyclotest® products with the English language packaging and instructions for the UK and Eire. Beware of unauthorized resellers selling inauthentic products.



We always have a large stock of Cyclotest® ready to ship and we pride ourselves on our quick response times to orders.For your privacy, Cyclotest® is mailed discretely in a plain packaging.

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  1. Cyclotest - Natural Family Planning Monitor - 99% Accuracy - English Language Version

    Cyclotest - The Contraceptive Monitor With 99% Reliability

    Price (Inc. VAT): £149.00

    Learn More

    99% Accurate, Cyclotest 2 Plus sympto-thermal fertility monitor for contraception can monitor your daily basal body temperature (BBT) and menstruation data (plus optionally LH hormone surges, cervical mucus if you wish) to accurately identify ovulation and as a result predict your fertility window, letting you know when intercourse could lead to pregnancy.


    English language version with free start-up call included in price when purchased from us.


    • 100% Natural
    • Totally Hormone Free.
    • Allows Instantly Reversible Contraception.
    • NFP Friendly.
    • USB Connectivity.
    • Monitors BBT and Optional LH/Cervical Mucus Observations .
    • Powerful Tool For Gynaecologists.
    • Pearl Index of 1 (99% Reliability).
    • 25+ Years R&D.
    • 2 Year Warranty.
    • Centralised End User Support.
    • German Manufactured.
    • CE 0123 Certified.
    • English Language Version.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


  2. Cyclotest 2 Plus Software - An Optional Extra For Downloading Your Fertility Charts

    Cyclotest 2 Plus Software - An Optional Extra For Downloading Your Fertility Charts

    Price (Inc. VAT): £29.00

    Learn More

    Cyclotest 2 Plus Software, an optional addition for a Cyclotest monitor which allows the users fertility profile to be downloaded to their computer. This can be printed off or PDF'd to email to their Doctor if needed. Note, this is included for free when buying the Cyclotest Baby device.


    English language version with free start-up call included in price when purchased from us.


    • Accessory for Cyclotest 2 Plus contraceptive monitor
    • English language software CD for Windows PC.
    • Can run on most dual-boot Macs.
    • Fertility charts can be downloaded to PDF to be printed or emailed.
    • USB cable and instructions included.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


  3. Cyclotest LH Hormone Ovulation Predictor Kit (Pack of 9 Tests)

    c(Pack of 9 Tests)

    Price (Inc. VAT): £22.50

    Learn More

    In-vitro diagnostic test for self testing. The Cyclotest LH Test is a single-stage ovulation test with hygienic holder for detecting the ovulatory hormone LH in urine in order to determine the most fertile phase prior to ovulation. 9 tests are included.


    • Hygienic, luxury style, mid-stream test.
    • Simple, clear, fast & safe.
    • 99% accurate.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


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