What Are Contraceptive Monitors?

Contraceptive monitors for easy accurate natural birth control

Unseen, and deep within your body, a miraculous system of cells, molecules, and hormones come together each and every month to create your unique fertility story. Using a fertility awareness method gives you access to this hidden knowledge and holds the keys to both your contraception and conception desires.



There are two ways to begin using FAM. Either the good old pencil and paper method, or the new computerized method using a simple, handheld, all-in-one device. 



These contraceptive monitors allow you to practice safe hormone-free contraception without subjecting yourself (or your unborn baby) to the potential health risks associated with hormonal birth control.



There are many contraceptive monitors on the market today and choosing the right one can often be difficult. Although they perform similar functions, some monitors are specifically designed to aid in conception while others are used for contraception.



Fertility Awareness: Is It For Me?

To use any type of fertility awareness or natural family planning, a woman needs to have a cycle in which she is regularly ovulating. Now this may sound obvious, but there are many common medical conditions which can cause erratic ovulation. Identifying ovulation is the cornerstone of fertility awareness methods of contraception and without it the fertility window can not end - well not until the end of the cycle, which would become quite frustrating.



It's actually worth noting that many women have begun to use fertility awareness and only when attempting to chart ovulation have they discovered that they weren't actually ovulating as often as they might have thought, a fact that they were never aware of using their previous contraceptive methods.



Variations in cycle length are not a problem when using FAM since the cycle is being charted and monitored each individual month.  However, a great variation in cycle length can lead to a rather large fertility window which might push some women to choose a different method of contraception. It's always best to discuss you decision with a doctor when choosing or changing your contraceptive method, 



Fertility Awareness: How Is It Done?

In order to chart your own fertility, you should not be taking any kind of hormonal birth control or any other medication that affects your ovulation cycle or body temperature.  To practice fertility charting accurately, you also must commit to being consistent and thorough in your practice.  Charting fertility for conception and contraception can be an enlightening activity that will help you understand your natural cycle, but it does take some time and preparation.



Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is probably the most common fertility indicator which is used by women to help identify ovulation.



In addition to the BBT, hormonal changes can be observed as well. The hormone LH increases when ovulation is imminent. If you can detect this increase, you know you're about to ovulate. Simple urine tests are the most common way to detect LH, and easily bought in any pharmacy.



The secretion and discharge of sticky cervical mucus is also related to ovulation. Observation of mucus is a valid way to monitor your cycle and forms part of the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).



All of the data from these different fertility indicators can be collected together to make a fertility chart like the one below which helps demonstrate what is happening within your body. Learning to chart fertility is a skill, and its normal for it all to seem a bit overwhelming. Contraceptive monitors can make the whole process much simpler. 


symtothermal graph


How Contraceptive Monitors Can Help 

Contraceptive monitors make Fertility Awareness Method a snap. No need to interpret body temperatures or do any charting. All you have to do it click a button at the start of your cycle and take your temperature each morning. The data is entered and charted automatically, hassle free. 



Cyclotest To The Rescue 

Cyclotest is a small handheld device with an integrated digital thermometer that automatically charts your fertility for the easiest experience possible. The Cyclotest is available in the classic blue version or the pink Cyclotest Baby.  Both options are is basically the same device, however, the Cyclotest Baby comes with additional software to download fertility charts that will be particularly useful for those who are trying to conceive.



Both Cyclotest and Cyclotest Baby are designed to give you control over and understanding of your fertility without changing the natural harmony of your body.  They offer 97% contraceptive reliability just by taking a simple waking temperature in the morning. 



Cyclotest 2 Plus: The Absolute Best Contraceptive Monitor for Fertility Awareness

Contraception with the best fertility monitor cyclotest



How can the Cyclotest get even better? Welcome to  Cyclotest 2 Plus. With this version of Cyclotest you have the option of increasing the contraceptive reliability from 97% to an astonishing 99%.



You are now able to monitor a secondary fertility indicator of either the LH hormone or the appearance of cervical mucus. When one of these two natural indicators is noticed you just press a button and Cyclotest has learned a bit more. That information is added to your automatic charting, and your Cyclotest and it's accuracy are that much greater.



Remember that unlike other contraceptive monitors, Cyclotest is a one-and-done purchase with no need to buy any environmentally unfriendly test sticks every month.  Cyclotest, with its amazing functionality and level of accuracy, is sure to be one of the best purchases you ever make!


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  1. Cyclotest - The Contraceptive Monitor With 99% Reliability

    Cyclotest - The Contraceptive Monitor With 99% Reliability - English Language Version

    99% Accurate, Cyclotest 2 Plus sympto-thermal fertility monitor for contraception can monitor your daily basal body temperature (BBT) and menstruation data (plus optionally LH hormone surges, cervical mucus if you wish) to accurately identify ovulation and as a result predict your fertility window, letting you know when intercourse could lead to pregnancy.


    English language version with free start-up call included in price when purchased from us.


    • 100% Natural
    • Totally Hormone Free.
    • Allows Instantly Reversible Contraception.
    • NFP Friendly.
    • USB Connectivity.
    • Monitors BBT and Optional LH/Cervical Mucus Observations .
    • Powerful Tool For Gynaecologists.
    • Pearl Index of 1 (99% Reliability).
    • 25+ Years R&D.
    • 2 Year Warranty.
    • Centralised End User Support.
    • German Manufactured.
    • CE 0123 Certified.
    • English Language Version.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


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    Price (Inc. VAT): £149.00

  2. Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer with Fertility Charting Kit

    Cyclotest Lady Quality BBT Thermometer with Fertility Charting Kit

    Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer is an exceptionally high quality thermometer which comes with a cayy case which contains fertility charts to map ovulation for Natural Family Planning (NFP).


    • Exceptionally high quality BBT thermometer.
    • 100th degree accuracy.
    • Comes in a sturdy, stitched case containing pencil and fertility charts.
    • Low battery indicator.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


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    Price (Inc. VAT): £16.50

  3. Cyclotest 2 Plus Software - An Optional Extra For Downloading Your Fertility Charts

    Cyclotest 2 Plus Software - An Optional Extra For Downloading Your Fertility Charts

    Cyclotest 2 Plus Software, an optional addition for a Cyclotest monitor which allows the users fertility profile to be downloaded to their computer. This can be printed off or PDF'd to email to their Doctor if needed. Note, this is included for free when buying the Cyclotest Baby device.


    English language version with free start-up call included in price when purchased from us.


    • Accessory for Cyclotest 2 Plus contraceptive monitor
    • English language software CD for Windows PC.
    • Can run on most dual-boot Macs.
    • Fertility charts can be downloaded to PDF to be printed or emailed.
    • USB cable and instructions included.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


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    Price (Inc. VAT): £29.00

  4. Cyclotest LH Hormone Ovulation Test

    Cyclotest LH Hormone Ovulation Predictor Kit (Pack of 9 Tests)

    In-vitro diagnostic test for self testing. The Cyclotest LH Test is a single-stage ovulation test with hygienic holder for detecting the ovulatory hormone LH in urine in order to determine the most fertile phase prior to ovulation. 9 tests are included.


    • Hygienic, luxury style, mid-stream test.
    • Simple, clear, fast & safe.
    • 99% accurate.
    • Cyclotest products can not be shipped to USA and Canada.


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    Price (Inc. VAT): £22.50

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