Natural Alternatives to Spermicide

ContraGel the natural alternative to spermicide for all natural barrier contraception

Once you have committed yourself to a hormone free, natural method of birth control, it can be disappointing to learn about the cocktail of chemicals within the spermicides that must accompany your contraceptive barrier. Chemical laden spermicides or contraceptive gels can lead to irritation or an itchy rash and can be a showstopper for some couples and actually prohibit the use of the desired contraceptive. Thankfully, Contragel, an all natural, extremely effective contraceptive gel is taking the barrier contraceptive world by storm. At last your natural birth control options are fully integrated.



So If It's Natural, How Does It Work?

The first thing that ContraGel does is to 'plug the gaps' which will always exist between a silicone barrier and the body. The cellulose gel creates an additional mechanical barrier between the diaphragm or cervical cap and the uterine orifice. Then, the lactic acid with its physiological pH of 3.8 has a motility inhibiting effect on the sperm - they are slowed in their forward movement or stopped. The manufacturer's instructions for use on your diaphragm or cervical cap will suggest leaving your device in place for maybe 6-8 hours after intercourse. This will allow plenty of time for sperm to be immobilised through contact with ContraGel and the ambient, usually hostile environment of the vagina.



Key Facts About ContraGel Green

  • Totally Hormone Free
  • Instantly Reversible Contraception
  • Totally Free of Nonoxynol-9
  • Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription)
  • Over 35 Years Production History
  • European Manufactured
  • CE 0124 Certified and Health Canada Approved
  • Always In Stock
  • Usually dispatched Within 48 Hours



Finally - A Short List Of Natural Ingredients

  • Water
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Methyl Cellulose
  • Sorbic Acid 



Contragel Green Vs. Nonoxonol-9 Spermicides

ContraGel was recently launched in the UK and Eire to help solve a wide range of issues associated with the usual spermicides prescribed by the NHS. With 100% natural ingredients, ContraGel Green reduces the risk and occurrence of many adverse reactions which are synonymous with chemically packed spermicides, in particular those containing Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) such as Gygel and Gynol II.



N-9 is an abrasive agent, most commonly found in detergents and has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as actually increasing the risk of HIV/AIDS in certain situations. For this reason it has also become increasingly hard to buy spermicide in countries such as the USA, Australia, and New Zealand as their health services and agencies turn their back on it. While working to eliminate dangerous chemical based products or treatments is positive, however, it leaves the consumer with little choice aside from hormonal contraception.



The FDA Warns About The Dangers Of Nonoxonol-9



Uninformed Consumers Are Making Dangerous Decisions



Five Reasons To Choose Contragel Green

1. ContraGel Green is water soluble means it’s safe to use with natural latex, rubber or polyurethane condoms as well as latex or silicone rubber diaphragms and cervical caps.



2. When used with a cervical cap such as FemCap, ContraGel Green forms a physical barrier with a low pH value just in front of the cervix, inhibiting and immobilizing the sperm. The woman is protected twice, first by the cap and then by the gel.



3. ContraGel comes in a 60ml tube. Most spermicides tend to come in 30ml tubes for around the same price meaning that ContraGel users save money, as well as avoid the risks associated with N-9.



4. Our product is a tried and tested alternative to spermicide, that has been produced and used in this composition for over 35 years First manufactured by the Family Planning Association (NVSH) from 1972 until 2003 under the name Contracep. This product has been brought back into production through consumer demand by DeltaMed GmbH, a German based ISO 13458 Certified manufacturer, re-branding the product under the name ContraGel Green.



5. ContraGel Green is a Class IIa medical device approved for retail sale and home use under CE 0124 certification. No medical prescription is required (available over the  counter) and full manufacturer’s instructions are included in English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish with every unit.



The Importance Of Contraceptive Gels With Barrier Contraceptives



It is worth remembering that intercourse only has the risk of pregnancy for about 6 days per cycle during your Fertility Window. A healthy egg is only able to be fertilized for 18-24 hours and sperm cannot survive for more than 5 days inside the vagina so that span of 6 days (5 days before and the day of ovulation) are really the only times when barrier contraception needs to be used for pregnancy protection. Click here to learn more about identifying your Fertility Window for contraception



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  1. ContraGel - The Natural Alternative to Spermicide

    ContraGel - The Natural Alternative to Spermicide - 60ml Tube

    ContraGel Green, the Natural, Vegan Alternative to Spermicide, large 60g tube. The ideal gel for your diaphragm or cervical cap, natural and safe. Compatible with YES Organic lubricants and our range of vegan condoms.


    •  Totally Hormone Free 
    •  Instantly Reversible Contraception. 
    •  Totally Free of Nonoxynol 9. 
    •  Vegan
    •  Waterbased
    •  Compatible with YES organic lubricants
    •  Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription) 
    •  Over 35 Years Production History. 
    •  European Manufactured. 
    •  CE 0124 Certified. 


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