Homemade Spermicide

Contragel natural spermicide gel to use barrier contraception with confidence

Is A Homemade Spermicide The Only Solution?

Most spermicides you find at your local pharmacy have an endless ingredient list, full of chemicals and compounds you have never heard of and probably can't pronounce. It's no wonder so many people have sworn off spermicide completely -– it causes rash and irritation, and just the idea of exposing your most sensitive parts to chemicals and parebans is enough to make a person disregard any birth control that requires spermicide. This means that barrier contraceptives, an excellent solution for those looking to go hormone free , are unfortunately eliminated from the equation.



But some more adventurous environmentally minded women might just head to the kitchen to try to whip of their own homemade spermicide. Although you will find plenty of ideas for homemade spermicide that claim to be effective, we at The Ethical Family Planning Association warn against gambling with you fertility, and urge you to check out clinically tested spermicide alternatives. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn about Contragel Green, a 100% natural and certified vegan product has been independently tested for quality and effectiveness.



Components Of Effective Spermicide

The first important property of a spermicide is it has a gel or paste like consistency. This helps it to cling to the barrier device with which it is being used (like a diaphragm or cervical cap) and also plugs any spaces between the barrier that sperm could get through.



Second, the spermicide has to trap the sperm, so it must be somewhat sticky and gunky. With most spermicides you will hardly notices the stickiness, but from a sperm's perspective, well, that's a different story.



The final significant property of a spermicide is that it kills sperm. A traditional spermicide has an active ingredient that is the the killing agent, most commonly Nonoxynol 9. N-9 works by breaking down the cell walls of the sperm, so as the the sperm get stuck in the gel, the Nonoxynol 9 eliminates the threat of any live sperm traveling to the cervix.



However Nonoxynol 9 has a tendency to break down more cells than just in the sperm. It's abrasive nature can cause damage to the skin tissue of both partners. Problems like skin sensitivity and itchiness are one reason why barrier contraceptives such as diaphragms and cervical caps are not used as often as they perhaps could be. Some of the more creative types, desperate not to use hormones, try to cook up their own natural, non abrasive spermicide. Again, we don't recommend it!



Don't Try This At Home

One of the most popular homemade spermicide recipes involves aloe vera gel and lemon juice.  Those who make it combine 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel with 3 drops of lemon juice and keep the mixture refrigerated for up to 72 hours.  Although this recipe is often used, it has never been clinically tested and should not be considered a serious form of birth control.



Soft Drinks as Post-Coital Douches

cocacola  as a homemade spermicide

Another popular homemade spermicide method involves using Coca-Cola as an after sex douche. ;Coca-Cola has been considered a wonder cure for everything from colic to hiccups to relieving jelly fish stings.  Because of all of its other supposed capabilities, during the 1960s, Americans began to use Coca-Cola as an after-sex spermicide with worrying frequency and many women in third world countries still use Coca-Cola.



The Coca-Cola method was so popular that a research team at Harvard was created to study the spermicidal effects of the soft drink, and what they found was not very promising. Coca-Cola only immobilizes 30 percent of ejaculated sperm within an hour after intercourse Coca-Cola douches actually increase the forward velocity of healthy sperm by almost 18 cm/hour and therefore increase the chances of pregnancy.



A Reliable Natural Spermicide Alternative: Contragel

One reason some people try to go for a homemade spermicide is because they don't want to use hormonal contraception and the traditional spermicides tend to carry Nonoxynol-9 which can cause some nasty irritations. There is now a safer and more reliable alternative to homemade spermicide for those who would like a more natural solution for their contraception. ContraGel is a natural alternative to spermicide and contains only natural ingredients, with none of the usual nasty chemicals. No chemicals means no rash or irritation. And the reliability of this natural alternative means that women can use a barrier method of contraception without having to resort to ineffective DIY spermicides.



ContraGel Basics

  • Totally Hormone Free
  • Instantly Reversible Contraception
  • Totally Free of Nonoxynol 9
  • Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription)
  • Over 35 Years Production History
  • European Manufactured
  • CE 0124 Certified and Health Canada Approved
  • Always In Stock
  • Usually dispatched Within 48 Hours



100% Natural Ingredients

  • Water
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Methyl Cellulose
  • Sorbic Acid 



Five Reasons To Choose ContraGel

1. Water Soluble. Contragel is water soluble safe to use with natural latex, rubber or polyurethane condoms as well as latex or silicone rubber diaphragms and cervical caps.



2. Two times the protection. When used with a cervical cap such as FemCap, ContraGel Green forms a physical barrier with a low pH value just in front of the cervix, inhibiting and immobilizing the sperm. The woman is protected twice, first by the cap and then by the gel.



3. Reliable and natural. ContraGel is a very safe contraceptive gel for those who are investigating their natural birth control methods. As a Lactic Acid-based gel, Contragel is similar to Femprotect, which is based upon the formula used for DiaphragmaGel Lacto. There have been no clinical studies to prove the spermicidal function of Femprotect and there have been no clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of Femprotect so users use it at their own risk. On the other hand, ContraGel has been approved for use by the European Union with their issuance of the CE 0124 mark.



4. Cost efficient. ContraGel comes in a 60ml tube. For the same price, most spermicides tend to come in 30ml tubes, so ContraGel users save money in addition to avoiding the risks associated with N-9.



5. Tested and approved. Our product is a tried and tested alternative to spermicide, that has been produced and used in this composition for over 35 years First manufactured by the Family Planning Association (NVSH) from 1972 until 2003 under the name Contracep Green this product has been bought back into production through consumer demand by DeltaMed GmbH, a German based ISO 13458 Certified manufacturer, re-branding the product ContraGel Green.



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  1. ContraGel - Alternativa Natural al Espermicida - Tubo 60g

    ContraGel - The Natural Alternative to Spermicide - 60ml Tube

    ContraGel Green, the Natural, Vegan Alternative to Spermicide, large 60g tube. The ideal gel for your diaphragm or cervical cap, natural and safe. Compatible with YES Organic lubricants and our range of vegan condoms.


    •  Totally Hormone Free 
    •  Instantly Reversible Contraception. 
    •  Totally Free of Nonoxynol 9. 
    •  Vegan
    •  Waterbased
    •  Compatible with YES organic lubricants
    •  Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription) 
    •  Over 35 Years Production History. 
    •  European Manufactured. 
    •  CE 0124 Certified. 


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