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Sexual health products are a huge market, taking up entire aisles in the pharmacy, and pages upon pages of internet stores. But how many of us think about the repercussions millions of condoms in landfills or synthetic hormones entering our water ways.



Veganism focuses on living in harmony with the natural world and not causing unnecessary harm to animals, people, or the planet. Even for those who do not actively follow a vegan diet, any lifestyle changes in line with vegan values have a positive affect on the individual, the environment, and the world at large.



Here at the Ethical Family Planning Association, we strive to make our planet a little bit more beautiful, and the consumer experience a bit more pleasant and informative. Bellow is a user friendly list of vegan or vegan friendly sexual health products and birth control options so you can get informed and start changing the world.




Mother Nature And A Women's Fertility

Officially 'vegan certified' or not, the truest essence of veganism is exactly how nature intended, without interference. When it comes to birth control, that can be a tricky issue.



But did you know that a fertile egg is only present in a women's system for about 18 hours out of the entire month! That's right. But wait. In addition to that 18 hours, you have to factor in 5 days that sperm is patient enough to sit around inside uterus waiting for the fertile egg to arrive, and together, that 18 hours plus five days gives you your fertility window.



The fertility window is that amount of time that sex could actually result in pregnancy. That means that for the rest of the month, about three weeks out of four, you can have as much sex as you want, sans contraception, without the risk of pregnancy.



Why do we insist on manipulating our systems with synthetic hormones or using a condom all the time if in reality we only need birth control for about one week out of the entire month? Education. We just are not educated to be in touch with the natural rhythms of the human body, and to embrace what mother nature gave us. We believe that it is about time women are empowered take control over their bodies and their fertility.



Natural birth control methods don't deserve the bad rap they are given. The method we encourage, the Sympto-Thermal method, is 99.6% accurate in identifying the fertile window. That's right. 99.6%. This is not your mothers sketchy calendar method that resulted in your five siblings. This is reliable, effective, scientifically proven and empowering birth control. The keys are in your hands.



Vegan Friendly Birth Control For The Fertility Window

When you know when that one week of the month is that you are fertile, you can choose from a number of vegan or vegan friendly barrier contraceptive methods. These methods have no long term affects on your body or the environment, and as the world becomes increasingly aware of the dangers of hormonal birth control, are regaining popularity.



The rise in popularity is a good thing for consumers. Millions upon millions of dollars have gone into the redesigning and perfecting of various barrier methods, making them a sound, reliable, and easy to use choice.



Take a look below discuss various birth control options.

Vegan AlternativeTo Spermicide You Can Rely On

Most spermicides are effective because of one active ingredient. Nonoxonol-9. This abrasive chemical kills sperm, and unfortunately much more then that. CongraGel Green has a short list of vegan, natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. Nothing you can't pronounce.


This ethical choice is a perfect accompaniment to a barrier contraceptive, making your entire contraceptive plan totally vegan. You can finally keep your lifestyle choices totally inline with your contraceptive desires without any sacrifice.


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FemCap: Better Then Disposable Condoms!
femcap hormone free contraceptive solution

The FemCap cervical cap is the perfect environmentally friendly and reliable barrier contraceptive for use during the fertility window. It is easy to insert, effective, and can not be felt by either partner.


The FemCap is hormone and latex free and has been in production for over 10 years. It was designed to improve on diaphragms that are larger and intimidating to insert and condoms that interrupt the flow of the sexual experience and can break or tear.

By choosing to forgo disposables, you minimize the mounds of plastics and rubbers that sit for millions of year our landfills. Your one simple change can have a huge effect on our environment.


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These Condoms Have Morals
vegan condoms

The French Letter Company, which produces French Letter condoms, is at the forefront of a ground breaking effort to keep the products we consume in line with our vegan morals. Certified Fair Trade, when you buy a pack of French Letter condoms, you know that a rubber farmer is Asia will be able to put food on his table with dignity. The cause and effect of your choice is immediate.


French Letter condoms are made using sustainable sources, are vegan friendly, and are carbon neutral. And with three stimulating varieties, your love life is sure to be ever.


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Getting Moist. Naturally. Ethically.

all natural organic vegan lubricants

Most lubricants on the market today are full of artificial chemicals and substances that are produced without a second thought about the affects on the world. And in fact, many lubricants don't even work that well at enhancing personal pleasure. They can leave you feeling sticky, tacky, or greasy, they ware off quickly, and the artificial makeup of the product seeps into your skin and can cause serious irritation.


Yes Lubricants were designed by two women who understand the value of creating a perfectly ethical product that offers a moisturizing effect far greater then the traditional lubricants. Yes lubricants are organic, sustainable, and the water based lubricant is 100% vegan.


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Natural Birth Control Made Easy With Cyclotest

cyclotest natural birth control

The number one thing that stops people from thoroughly researching effective natural birth control is the fertility charting. On look at a charts and information full of numbers and graphs and your out. Who has the time and patience to deal with that. And then comes the human factor. If your entire birth control plan is reliant on your accurate temperature taking and chart making, well, your math grades in school are enough to tell you that this is not a wise gamble.


Enter Cyclotest. Cyclotest is an easy to use fertility monitor that does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is take your temperature each morning, if you choose to enter another fertility indicator like cervical mucus or position press a button to add that information and Presto! You will have a high accurate easy to understand fertility chart show up right there on the screen in front of you. No graphs and confusing numbers. Just two important intuitive symbols. One baby on the screen means you're in your fertile window, two babies means you are ovulating and therefore highly fertile.


Once you have that information, you can choose to either abstain from sex during that time, or (if your wild side gets the better of you) use a barrier method of contraception. Either way, you only have to deal with thinking about birth control for one short week.


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