The Creighton Model of NFP

creighton model for natural family planning, hormone free

Although Natural Family Planning was spearheaded by the Church, more and more couples like yourselves are attracted to the benefits of being in-sync with the natural rhythms of the body for contraceptive purposes. The Creighton method, research by and named after Creighton University, helps women to track and record their individual cycles, empowering them to make smart, individual, fertility decisions.



Biomarkers: Clues To Your Fertility 

This model of natural family planning relies on  what are called biomarkers, external indicators that give you clues as to what is happening internally with your unique cycle.  The two  most prevalent indicators used in the Creighton model are cervical mucus and the menstrual bleed.  Once these biomarkers are observed, they are then recorded to allow each women to clearly track her own fertility.



After tracking and recording biomarkers, a pattern will emerge, and once you begin taking note of the pattern, it is easier to establish other biomarkers such as specific bleeding patterns, level of mucus production, and length of time between different stages within the cycle.  Once the patterns become routine, you will probably even be able to observe how diet, exercise, stress and other outside influences affect your fertility.  This enhances a woman’s ability to control  her own gynecological health and well-being.



The method's founder, Hilgers, describes the Creighton Model as being based on "a standardized modification of the Billings ovulation method," which was developed by John and Evelyn Billings in the 1960s. The Billings issued a paper refuting the claim that the CMS represents a standardization of the BOM and claims that the two methods are different and are not interchangeable.  The main difference between the two methods is that unlike the Billings method, the Creighton model does not use indicators observed from the vulva to determine ovulation and fertility.



Benefits Of Using The Creighton Model

The Creighton model has been known for its positive effect it has on a couple’s relationship.  Couples who manage their fertility naturally have reduced divorce rate of as low as 1 in 150 couples.  After managing fertility together, couples are said to communicate better, appreciate each other more and become more in tune with one another.



Studies have shown that the reliability of this method is 99.5%.  An additional benefit of employing the Creighton model for natural family planning is that it does not depend on cycles being regular. It can be practiced while breastfeeding, during times of stress while in  peri menopause , etc.



Other Methods of Natural Family Planning 

The Creighton model is one of many highly reliable methods of practicing Natural Family Planning and is based mainly on cervical mucus and cervical position . Other Natural Family Planning methods include the Symto-Thermal method incorporate cervical observations similar to the Creighton method, but also uses temperature charts to increase reliability. Click around our website to learn more. 


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