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natural intimacy sea sponge tampons

Intimate Sea Sponges (tampon, period sex)

Natural Intimacy Sponges

A jewel of nature that was identified in ancient times for its astonishing absorbency.


Intimate sea sponges have resurfaced as a natural alternative to typical chemical-laden, synthetic feminine products.


Sponges are durable, naturally mold and fungus resistant, and can be used for months before replacing.




Say goodbye to harmful disposable feminine products


Moisten with water and watch your sponge transform into silky soft luxury.


Ethically harvested off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

yes organic lubricants

FemmyCycle mensural cup UK/Europe

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

Replace toxic tampons with a FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup. A body-friendly and green solution for your period care needs.


The FemmyCycle menstrual cup features a unique 'No-Spill' design to make insertion and removal totally secure, so you feel fresh and protected all day long.


High capacity cup is perfect for heavy flow or overnight use.




Reduce waste by replacing thousands of pads and tampons with one reusable product


100% Medical Grade silicon. Dye-Free.


Smarter design results in larger capacity, even if you have a low cervix

bodycare bath sponges

BodyCare Sea Sponge

Experience ultimate luxury when you lather up with a Natural Intimacy BodyCare Sea Sponge.


These 'Honeycomb' type sponges, harvested in the warm, placid Mediterranean sea, are known as the "King Of The Sponges."


They are silky to touch, dense enough to create a luxurious lather with minimal soap, and each fiber is the perfect texture for gentle exfoliation.




Transform your daily routine into pampered extravagance


Exfoliates to perfection


100% Natural. Earth Friendly

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