Ethical contraception is our speciality. Hormonal contraceptives leave the body in urine and those hormones can not be removed. As a result the hormones stay in the water cycle, entering the food chain and the water table. It's really not what Mother Nature needs. So we like to educate couples on non hormonal contraceptive options.

The traditional condom is a common go-to for that but we actually stock Vegan condoms. Yes, one of the few condoms on the market which contain no animal by-products. Maybe they're not available in as many fruity flavours as other brands but they're definitely a step in the right direction from an ethical standpoint.

Condoms still aren't perfect though, even when they're Vegan. They're used and thrown away and we really wouldn't recommend reusing them! But if you check out our Milex diaphragms and cervical caps (FemCap) then you will find a reusable barrier contraceptive option which can last for a few years. Used in conjunction with our natural contraceptive gel, Contragel, you have a very efficient non hormonal, reusable, female controlled method of birth control.

Remember too that you can enhance the efficiency of your barrier contraception by learning about your fertility window, those 6-8 days each month when there's a risk of pregnancy and also by identifying your ovulation days when the risk of pregnancy is huge. Understanding these phases of your cycle will allow you and your partner to make safer, better informed, contraceptive decisions.

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