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The FemmyCycle


How It Works

We are in the midst of a menstrual revolution! In the past, options used to be limited to disposables only. In the last few years, innovative and reusable menstrual solutions have finally gone mainstream and received the attention they deserved all along. You've probably already heard of a menstrual cup; a safe, hygienic and practical reusable cup that collects menstrual blood internally - replacing the typical throwaway tampon. Better for your health, and better for the world.


There are a hundred variations of cup to choose from, so how do you even begin to decide which is best for you? Firstly, it's important to know that not all menstrual cups are created equal. Enter the undisputed queen of menstrual cups; the FemmyCycle!



FemmyCycle's Unique Design

FemmyCycle truly raises the bar on menstrual cup design. 

  • The ingenious 'No-Spill' funnel shaped opening means you can tip the cup on it's side, or even upside down, without any spills. This eliminates the dreaded mess while removing the cup.
  • Designed to be shorter, rounder, and wider then all other cups. The narrowest point is at the top, rather then the bottom of the cup, so gravity works with it to keep it in place. Because the center of the cup is the widest point, more of the silicone surface area hugs the vaginal walls, reducing the chance of it slipping. The rounded shape also allows it to remain a high capacity, despite being shorter then other cups. 
  • Don't be fooled by the lack of air holes on this cup. Most cups need the air holes for the cup to open up and hug the vaginal walls. But the air holes are hard to clean, and quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. FemmyCycle does not have to open up completely to create a seal. The soft silicone of the FemmyCycle molds to the vaginal canal regardless of the cup completely opening. The cup then creates a suction to insure no leaks. (Added benefit - the slight pulling effect can actually shorten the length of your period.)


  • You'll quickly notice FemmyCycle is made from much softer and thinner silicone. This means it is more pliable, for a much more comfortable and secure fit. You don't even notice you are wearing it!
  • Instead of the traditional stem which often pokes out and irritates the wearer, the FemmyCycle's small removal ring makes getting your cup out fast and easy with a single finger.
  • FemmyCycle is the only cup on the market that offers a unique low-cervix size of cup, to fit women with a shorter vaginal canal or lower cervix. Unlike other cups, FemmyCycle's sizing is based on whether you have given birth or not ('teen' a.k.a 'petite' size for women who have never given birth, and 'regular' for those who have), which makes choosing your cup an easy decision!

Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup
    • Most unique menstrual cup on the market.
    • 12-hour protection. Large capacity, even with a low cervix.
    • Super soft silicone conforms to the vagina to eliminate leaks.
    • Easy to clean. Minimal grooves and holes. FDA Approved.
    • Choose from 3 sizes. Find your perfect fit.
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