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VagiWell Vaginal Dilator Sets

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  • For vaginismus, vaginal atrophy, and other penetration disorders.
  • Helps restore pleasure and confidence after perineal tears.
  • "Warm silicon" retains body heat for maximum comfort.
  • Perfect balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Sets slowly increase in size for gentle advancement.
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5 Piece Vaginal Dilator Set - Sizes 12mm to 30mm -EN, NL, NO, FI, DA, PL, FR, ES, DE
Weight : 0.535 kgs
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3 Piece Vaginal Dilator Set - Sizes 12mm to 22mm - EN, NL, NO, FI, DA, PL, FR, ES, DE
Weight : 0.450 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £51.60 each and save 9%
3 Piece Vaginal Dilator Set - Sizes 20mm to 30mm - EN, NL, NO, FI, DA, PL, FR, ES, DE
Weight : 0.450 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £51.60 each and save 9%
Yes Lubricant- 50ml Water Based
Weight : 0.075 kgs
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Yes Lubricant- 100ml Water Based
Weight : 0.138 kgs
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Yes Lubricant - 150ml Water Based
Weight : 0.186 kgs
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Yes Lubricant - 40ml Oil Based
Weight : 0.064 kgs
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Yes Lubricant - 80ml Plant Oil Based
Weight : 0.104 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £8.00 each and save 20%
Yes Lubricant - 140ml Plant Oil Based
Weight : 0.167 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £12.00 each and save 20%

Desperate for a treatment that will stop your vaginal pain and allow you to have pleasurable sexual intercourse? Dilators can help restore the vagina after perineal tears, radiotherapy, pelvic surgery, or to combat conditions which can affect the structure of the vagina.

This set of premium 'warm silicon' dilators retain your body heat ensuring a comfortable and safe experience, and are the perfect balance of rigidness and flexibility for optimal ease of use.

Vagiwell Premium 'Warm Silicone' Dilators

Designed as a therapeutic tool by gynecologists, these dilators have exactly the right balance between rigidness and flexibility. They bend to match the internal curvature of the vagina yet stay rigid enough to assist the exercise regiment. They are made from a medical grade silicone and can be boiled or autoclaved for absolute hygiene. The 'warm silicone' feature means that they retain the body's warmth as opposed to cold plastic that can cause shock and contraction of the muscles upon insertion.

Dilator Sizes

Depending on your needs, 3 or 5 silicone dilators of graduating sizes are packaged together. This is to allow users to progressively increase the size of dilators used in order to comfortably and slowly stretch the vaginal walls.

  • Light blue: 12mm a 14mm X 122mm
  • Mint: 16mm a 18mm X 135mm
  • Purple: 20mm a 22mm X 150mm
  • Pink: 24mm a 26mm X 163mm
  • Beige: 28mm a 30mm X 177mm

YES Organic Lubricants With Vaginal Dilators

YES Organic, water-based lubricants are an ideal choice for lubricating your dilators to allow for easier insertion. The NHS approved formula protects mucous membranes, support healing, and will not irritate sensitive skin. YES does not contain any parabens or other hormone mimicking ingredients.

More Information
Product SheetVagiwell Dilators Product Sheet
Product VideosNo Disponible
What's It Used For?Building Vaginal Strength And Maintaining Vaginal Integrity
NotesMust Be Used With A Lubricant - Compatible With Oil Based and Water Based Lubricants
Why Buy?Regain Strength And Confidence After Scarring, Narrowing, Or Other Trauma To The Vagina.

What is a Vaginal Dilator?

A vaginal dilator is a smooth, cylinder-shaped device that is used to slowly stretch vaginal muscles, relieve pain, and condition the vagina to pain free sex with full penis penetration. Many medical conditions affecting the vaginal structure and can be alleviated through the use of a dilator. Dilators are most commonly used at home along with a course of pelvic recovery treatment. These dilators are a Class 1 Medical Device and CE approved.

How Do I Use These Vaginal Dilators?

Find a relaxing position and gently insert the dilator into your vagina as far as it will go without causing you any discomfort. Most women find it is easiest to lie down on a bed with knees slightly bent, but you can also insert while standing with one leg on a chair. You may find using a dilator is more comfortable after a hot bath, which makes skin softer and more pliable.

Water based lubricant is usually necessary to help the dilator slide into the vaginal canal without friction. When inserted, the dilator may feel snug, but should not be painful. Follow your doctor or physiotherapist instruction for amount of time to leave the dilator in place.

Note that parts of the process will vary according to the requirements of different conditions. It is important to follow the correct medical advice as prescribed by your doctor or physiotherapist. They will also prescribe how long the dilator should remain in the vaginal canal per session.

How Long Does It Take For A Dilator To Have An Effect?

It usually takes at least 3 months until any significant vaginal expansion is apparent, although some conditions can see improvement faster. You may need to use the dilators regularly to maintain the effect, even if you are sexually active on a regular basis.

How Should I Clean My Dilators After Use?

Dilators should be washed with hot water and soap after each use. They are best stored in the bag with is included with the purchase. The medical grade silicone can be boiled or autoclaved if there is a risk of infection or contamination from an outside source.

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