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Traditional Spermicde

You've decided to use a barrier contraceptive for your birth control plan, and health benefits are at the top of your list of why. No hormones, no side effects, and eco-friendly — what could be better.

Natural Contraception

Gygel: UK's #1 Nonoxynol-9 based spermicide

Gygel contains 2% of the active chemical ingredient nonoxynol-9. The gel is applied in the dome and around the edges of your barrier contraceptive to help perfect the seal provided by the barrier device whilst additionally killing the sperm.


Gygel is colorless, orderless, and will not stain.


using spermicide with diaphragm


Gygel is effective when used in conjunction with barrier method of contraception such diaphragms or FemCap. When used together with these methods, the gel is effective on two levels.


First, the sticky consistency seals any gaps or cracks and provides additional suction to the barrier. Second, the chemical effect on sperm adds another layer of contraceptive protection, creating a safety net if any sperm should attempt to bypass the barrier.


Spread 3ml of Gygel in the dome of and around the rim of your diaphragm or FemCap. Insert the barrier, making sure that the tip of the cervix is sitting in the gel. Do not remove your diaphragm for at least six to eight hours after having sex, and in the case of additional acts of intercourse, make sure to re-apply Gygel using a vaginal applicator.


Refer to the manufactures instructions for use on your barrier contraceptive for more detailed instructions.


using spermicide with diaphragm


Want A Natural Alternative To Spermicide?

contragel natural spermicide alternative

Affordable + Effective + Natural

Too often we resign to using a cheaper, less healthy options simply because the natural alternative is too expensive. ContraGel believes in approachable pricing. Unbeatable prices when you buy a convenient 3-pack or case of 10 tubes!

Why Avoid N-9 Spermicide

You can only achieve excellent contraceptive effectiveness when you use your barrier contraceptive (diaphragm, FemCap, or Caya) together with a contraceptive gel. But when it comes to which contraceptive gel to use, you have a choice: toxic Nonoxynol-9 spermicides, or gentle, natural ContraGel.

There are two main problems with spermicide gel. First, Nonoxynol-9 has a similar chemical makeup as harsh cleaning products. To do their job, N-9 spermicide effectively kills sperm cells. But in addition to sperm, spermicide also attacks sensitive intimate skin cells. That's why so many woman and men report burning, irritation and rashes after using N-9 products. Far from ideal for an intimate product!

Secondly, skin absorbs toxins that are put on them and those toxins travel through the body. The porous vaginal mucous membranes are particularly susceptible to absorbing the chemicals, so the harsh chemical that was meant to kill sperm can end up disrupting your internal balance.

An Effective Spermicide Alternative

ContraGel is the safe natural spermicide alternative. ContraGel contains no Nonoxynol-9, is vegan, and totally non-toxic. ContraGel was even formulated to be compatible with and not disrupt vaginal pH. The choice between ContraGel and nonoxynol-9 spermicide should be obvious —but is there a difference in effectiveness?

In an outstanding new medical study, ContraGel was proven to be just as effective as Nonoxynol-9 spermicides when paired with diaphragms. This is a massive victory for women all over the world who were waiting for confirmation that their birth control method is as effective as it is natural. Body-friendly, eco-friendly, and natural ContraGel is the clear winner in the battle of the contraceptive gels.

ContraGel is water soluble and safe to use with silicone diaphragms and cervical caps, as well as latex or polyurethane condoms. It is specifically compatible with YES brand water-based lubricants.

ContraGel Ingredients: water, lactic acid, sodium lactate, methyl cellulose, sorbic acid, and vanillin.

contragel ingredients

Barrier Contraception, Spermicide, And The Fertile Window

ovulation and fertility tracking


The goal of barrier contraception is to prevent sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg — but fertilization is biologically impossible unless a viable egg is present.


Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) identify ovulation, nullifying the need for contraceptives most of the month. Sperm can live inside the womb for up to 5 days, and ovulation releases an egg which is able to be fertilized for one day. That six day span is referred to as the fertility window, and is the only time there is actually a real need for a barrier device.


Cyclotest uses Sympto-Thermal fertility charting to identify that fertility window. Ovulation causes a spike in Basal body temperature (BBT), so by recording that data every morning, you can see when you have ovulated.


With 99% reliability, why not let Cyclotest make your family planning decisions for you?

Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Gygel. Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.
    • NHS approved for use without a prescription.
    • Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) based; hormone-free.
    • Instantly reversible contraception.
    • Must be used with a barrier contraceptive.
    • New larger 81ml tube.
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