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find fertile days with cyclotest


Conception can only occur during a short window of time each month known as the 'fertile window'. These are the only days during the month you can possibly get pregnant.


The fertile window includes 24 hours around ovulation when an egg is viable + 5 days preceding ovulation during which sperm can live inside the uterus, waiting for ovulation to begin.


1. Take your temperature every morning with the integrated thermometer.


2. That gives Cyclotest all the information it needs to calculate your exact ovulation date, and your personal fertile window.


Cyclotest uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to learn your unique cycle patterns. It is able to detect subtle hormonal changes that make you fertile or infertile, giving you the power to naturally plan or prevent pregnancy.



use cyclotest to plan or prevent pregnancy





Knowing your personalized monthly fertile window allows you to plan or prevent pregnancy without artificial hormones or invasive procedures.



Prevent pregnancy by abstaining, using condoms, or using another barrier method of contraception during the fertile window.



Plan pregnancy by taking full advantage of the knowledge that you are most likely to conceive during the fertile window. Time to get busy!




Rely on Cyclotest's intelligent algorithm to processes the information you give and learn your personal cycle. The monitor will display your monthly fertile window and daily fertility status.


PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you are officially in the driver's seat.



cyclotest myway fertility calendar

Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Cyclotest MyWay - Monitor para la Planificación Familiar Natural - 99% Fiabilidad - Versión Español / Inglés New
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Natural Family Planning made easy
    • Touch screen shows temperature charts and fertility
    • Advanced algorithm predicts ovulation
    • German design and engineering.
    • Free access to start-up call and support hotline
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  2. Cyclotest Lady - Flexi
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • The perfect BBT thermometer. Accurate to the 100th degree.
    • Low battery indicator. Critical to avoid inaccurate temperatures.
    • Flexible and soft tip. For oral, vaginal or rectal measurements.
    • Last temperature saved on screen. Reference it hours later.
    • Includes bonus fertility charts for tracking ovulation.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  3. Cyclotest Prueba de Hormona HL (Paquete de 9 Pruebas)
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Detects LH ovulation hormone.
    • 99% accurate.
    • Durable, hygienic plastic holder.
    • Results display within seconds.
    • Includes 9 test sticks.
    Price (Inc. VAT):

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