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Stress-Free Fertility Tracking

cyclotest myway fertility calendar



Many couples have trouble getting pregnant simply because they don't have intercourse during roughly 7 day window each month when conception can occur.


Yet tracking ovulation can be time-consuming, confusing, and stressful. The exact opposite of the ideal pre-conception atmosphere!



With the help of Cyclotest fertility monitors, understanding your ovulation is completely effortless. Just take your temperature each morning before getting out of bed. Your Cyclotest instantly analyzes your temperature data to automatically track your ovulation. You only need to look at the monitor home screen to see if you are fertile or infertile.




use cyclotest to plan or prevent pregnancy

Know Your Fertile Days In Advance


Conception can only occur if you time sex prior to or during ovulation, but many ovulation tracking methods only inform you of one or two days a month that you are fertile. But not taking advantage of the rest of your fertile days can actually decrease your chances of getting pregnant.



Cyclotest myWay is different. Your upcoming fertile window is clearly displayed on a color-coded ovulation calendar. PINK days indicate you are fertile and intercourse could result in pregnancy. DARK PINK days indicate you are at the peak of your fertility. Sex on DARK PINK days give you the highest chances of getting pregnancy of the month.



This information becomes even more critical if your cycles are longer or shorter than average, or if your husband has a low sperm count. In these situations, timing intercourse correctly can mean the difference between successful conception and months, or even years, of waiting.


Holistic Health Information



find fertile days with cyclotest



Your pre-conception health plays a vital role in optimum fertility. Cyclotest myWay is way more than an ovulation prediction app or simple test strip monitor.


Layers of advanced features will make Cyclotest your best friend and trustworthy aid while you are trying to achieve pregnancy.


Healthy hormone production is obviously key for healthy fertility, and Cyclotest myWay gives you remarkable insight into your hormonal health.


Track your BMI directly from your device to make sure you are in the ideal range. And receive a warning if your monitor detects irregular ovulation patterns that could lead to difficulty conceiving.


Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Cyclotest. Plan or Avoid Pregnancy Naturally.
    • Accurate, easy to use, and multipurpose fertility monitor.
    • Advanced algorithm tracks & predicts your fertility window.
    • Homescreen displays your daily fertility status automatically.
    • German design and engineering. Certified 2b class medical device.
    • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Start-up call. Email Support.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  2. Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer
    • The perfect BBT thermometer. Accurate to the 100th degree.
    • Low battery indicator. Critical to avoid inaccurate temperatures.
    • Flexible and soft tip. For oral, vaginal or rectal measurements.
    • Last temperature saved on screen. Reference it hours later.
    • Includes bonus fertility charts for tracking ovulation.
    Price (Inc. VAT):

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