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Cyclotest Early Pregnancy Test

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  • Works up to 4 days before your period is expected.
  • Confirms pregnancy at low concentrations of hCG.
  • Sensitive to 10 I/UL.
  • Easy to read results.
  • Virtually 100% accurate.
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Cyclotest Early Pregnancy Test
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When you are waiting to find out if you are pregnant, every day that passes can feel like a million years.

This is the only early pregnancy test that works up to a full 4 days before your period is expected! Results are easy to read: two lines if you are pregnant, one line if you are not.

The Cyclotest Pregnancy Test is a Single-stage pregnancy test that can be used at any time of the day, starting 4 days before your period is due.

With hygienic holder, simply hold the test stick in the urine stream for 3 seconds and read off the result after only 5 minutes.

The test is quick, safe and virtually 100% reliable!

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What's It Used For?In-Vitro Diagnostic Test For hCG In Urine To Identify Pregnancy, Sensitive To 10 I/UL
NotesAlways Read The Manufacturer's Instructions Before Use
Why Buy?Confirm Pregnancy 4-8 Days BEFORE Your Period Is Due

How Does Cyclotest Early Pregnancy Tests Work?

The pregnancy test is optimized to detect an elevated concentration of the Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, or hCG. The presence of elevated levels of hCG is virtually 100% reliable indicator of pregnancy

The hCG level in the urine of healthy, non-pregnant women ranges from 0 to 10 IU/L (International Units per Litre). In the event of pregnancy the hCG concentration starts to rise within the first days after fertilization. hCG levels continue to rapidly rise until the 10th week of pregnancy, when the hCG level reaches values of up to 230,000 IU/L. After birth the hCG concentration decreases rapidly and returns to normal levels within a few weeks.That is why hCG is a highly suitable indicator for detecting pregnancy. The limit value that suggests pregnancy is >10 IU/L.

How Does Cyclotest Early Pregnancy Detect Pregnancy So Much Earlier Than Other Tests?

This pregnancy test is significantly more sensitive to the presence of hCG than most other tests

It shows you if you are pregnant as soon as there is an hCG concentration of 12 IU/L in your urine and is therefore suitable for use 10 days after fertilization or 8 days before menstruation would arrive.

What Time Of Day Should I Use The Test?

You can use the Cyclotest pregnancy tests at any time of the day. The first (early morning) urine sample is preferable however, as the hormonehCG is at its highest concentration in early-morning urine.

If you use the test during the day, refrain from going to the bathroom for 2-3 hours prior to the test and do not drink excessive amounts of fluid. If the hCG concentration in the urine is too low (e.g. because the urine is very diluted, because the test is carried out too early or because an ectopic pregnancy has occurred), the test may indicate a negative result even though you are indeed pregnant.

Who Buys Pregnancy Test Kits Online?

Good question!

If you know that you are actively trying to achieve a pregnancy, having a stash of pregnancy tests in advance saves you the hassle of an anxious run to the pharmacy.

A test is only useful after ovulation since before ovulation there would be no possibility of detecting pregnancy. Also at the arrival of menstruation shows that the egg produced at ovulation was not successfully fertilised and implanted so therefore pregnancy isn't a result of the previous cycle. Having a few test kits ready for the last 10 days of a cycle can become habit for many couples trying for a baby.

Some women who aren't trying for a baby also like to keep a few pregnancy tests around in the bathroom cabinet so they can test in their last week of their cycle, just for piece of mind!

Do medicines and drugs affect the test result?

Medicines or drugs which contain hCG can potentially affect the test result. Use of The Pill or other forms of hormonal birth control do not affect the result.

How fast will the results appear?

The result can be read after 5-20 minutes, after which the test window may change and a clear reading is no longer possible.

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