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Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer

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  • The perfect BBT thermometer. Accurate to the 100th degree.
  • Low battery indicator. Critical to avoid inaccurate temperatures.
  • Flexible and soft tip. For oral, vaginal or rectal measurements.
  • Last temperature saved on screen. Reference it hours later.
  • Includes bonus fertility charts for tracking ovulation.
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Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer (+ Fertility Charts) - ENGLISH Version
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When your contraceptive decisions are based on your daily temperature readings, your number one priority is getting totally accurate results.

You can trust in the 30-year tradition of superior quality Cyclotest thermometers backed by hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. Cyclotest Lady features flexible tip for accurate placement, low battery warning so you won't get false measurements, and accuracy to the 100th degree.

Cyclotest Lady, The Best In Class BBT Thermometer

Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer is a digital thermometer accurate to 100th degree, optimised for basal body temperature (BBT) readings. It can be used for oral, vaginal, or rectal temperature taking.

This exceptionally high quality thermometer is manufactured by UEBE Medical GmbH, specialist in medical grade thermometers.

The thermometer comes in a protective tube which in turn fits inside a sturdy stitched case. Included are fertility charts and a pencil to for manual fertility charting, compatible with the symptothermal method.

Cyclotest Lady BBT Thermometer Features

Low Battery Indicator

Cyclotest lady has an all important low battery warning symbol that appears on the screen to warn you if the thermometer might be giving inaccurate readings and it is time to change the battery. Without this feature, many women using BBT for contraception or conception purposes can end up with ease results on their fertility charts.

Stored Temperature Reading

This thermometer saves the previous temperature reading on this screen until the next temperature is taken. This is important when you are taking your temperature early in the morning and don't want the hassle of chatting your results right away. The temperature is saved for you to chart at a more convent time.

Flexible Tip

Accurate placement of the thermometer leads to accurate results. The flexible tip on Cyclotest Lady ensures the thermometer is pressing down underneath the pockets of the lounge when used orally. Those who choose to chart vaginally or rectally will also benefit from the soft flexibility of the Cyclotest Lady thermometer.

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What's It Used For?Accurately Measuring Basal Body Temperatures (BBT) To Assist With Natural Family Planning
NotesBatteries Are Replaceable And Are Included
Why Buy?Highest Quality BBT Thermometer. Low Battery Indicator. Flexible Tip.

How Can I Use My BBT Thermometer To Identify Ovulation?

Track your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to identify your fertility window and understand when you have ovulated. BBT is predictably lower before ovulation, then rises with ovulation. Your temperature spikes and remains elevated until menstruation.

When the temperature shift occurs, you know that your fertility window has passed and you are now in the infertile phase of your cycle.

If you are trying to get pregnant, having sex during your fertility window gives you the highest chances of conception. The fertility window is that magical moment when an egg is about to be released by your ovaries and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of sperm. The egg is viable for only 24 hours, so predicting it's imminent arrival allows you to chart your fertility manually. capitalize on the short fertility window.

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, the temperature shift is your indicates that you can now have unprotected sex, without possibility of becoming pregnant. Just think of the temperature shift as your natural birth control best friend.

Let’s explain three things: 1) What is BBT 2) why a shift in temperatures occures and 3) how to get an accurate BBT reading.

What is BBT?

Your body is constantly involved in all sorts of activities that burn up energy and produce heat. Just like your computer or phone, when lots of applications or tasks are open and the device is working super hard, it starts to give off heat.

The same thing happens to your body. The more you are doing; for example, bringing groceries into the house, completing work assignments, paying our bills and so on, the more your body heats up.

When you go to sleep, your body slowly turns off one function after another. Just like a machine turning off, as each function is complete, the energy consumption goes down and so does the amount of heat produced. This is where Basel Body Temperature kicks in. The BBT is you body’s basic internal temperature level when it is fulfilling only your most basic background functions, like breathing and pumping blood.

Why Is There A Shift?

With that understanding, the shift is quite simple. Ovulation is a huge deal. It is a function that takes up a lot of energy and produces a lot of heat. It is also a function that continues to take place even when you are asleep. This means that ovulation is taking place even when everything else is switched off.

When your body begins the process of ovulating, suddenly an additional basic function that continues to give off heat even when we are asleep is ignited. If we were to look at a graph of our temperatures, we would clearly see the results of this new function taking place in our bodies in the form of higher BBT temperatures. Temperatures will be low for the first half of our cycles before ovulation, and will suddenly be steadily higher because of the heat caused by the continuing process of ovulation.

With this knowledge, the secret language of your hormones is now revealed. Charting this progression on a cycle graph —or for an even easier approach, letting Cyclotest monitors chart and interpret your temperatures automatically — allows you to plan or prevent pregnancy completely naturally.

How Do I Measure BBT?

Take your temperature after four to six hours of quality sleep. Take it first thing when you wake, before getting out of bed or doing any other activity. You can choose to take your temperature orally, vaginally or rectally. Whichever location you prefer is fine, just don’t switch between them. Consistently taking your temperature immediately after 4 to 6 hours of quality sleep, in the same location, is the best way to ensure your BBT will remain consistent every day so you can track the all-important temperature shift.

Note that you don’t need to wake up at the same time every day for the temperatures to be accurate. The time of day is not important, but the quality of sleep beforehand is.

Imagine these two scenarios. In one, you've gone to bed at 1 am after partying and eating a big meal and you wake up at your regular 6 am time to take your temperature. In the second you went to bed at 10 pm after eating a light salad, having spent the evening curled up on the sofa with a good book and again wake up at 6 am to take your temperature.

Even though in both these scenarios you are waking up at the same time, because of the vastly different situations before you slept, it is going to take your body different amounts of time to wind down, cool off and get to your basic BBT. When you go to sleep late, after a heavy night with a heavy stomach, it is going to take you body a while to finish digesting, turn off all processes, and get into deep sleep. If you eat lightly and go to sleep, it’s going to take less time.

Consequently, timing is not actually the most critical component in getting BBT. You need to sleep between 4 & 6 hours for your body to cool down.

Creating your Fertility Graph

You can have a monitor analyze your temperature to create an automatic graph and fertility display, or you can chart your information manually. But there are a lot of rules you must understand to create and analyzing a fertility graph on your own.

What we outline here the bare bones information, please do not use this for planning or preventing pregnancy. On a graph, with the temperature numbers on the x-axis, and days of the month on the Y axis, plot your daily temperature reading. Then connect the dots of each cycle day, so you can clearly see the progress of your temperatures. When you see that your temperatures have spiked and remain high for 3 consecutive days, you can now consider yourself infertile.

The Bottom Line:

  • BBT is predictably lower before ovulation, then rises with ovulation.
  • Take your temperature (BBT) first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed.
  • When the temperature shift occurs, you know that your fertility window has passed and you are now in the infertile phase of your cycle.
  • Use this knowledge to plan or prevent pregnancy.

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