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FacialCare Sea Sponge

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  • Premium Mediterranean sourced Silk sea sponges in cotton bag.
  • Fabulously fine fibers gently clean skin and remove makeup.
  • Free of additives and chemicals that could upset sensitive skin.
  • Totally earth friendly. Ethically harvested. Biodegradable.
  • Only the most luxurious sponges pass our quality review process.
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There is nothing more refreshing than washing your face at the end of a long day, and there is no better way to wash your face than with a FacialCare sea sponge.

But what if you want to go further? What if you want to pamper your skin while protecting the environment? A FacialCare sea sponge allows you to do just that. You’ll enjoy the experience of washing your face with this supremely soft sea sponge, and you’ll feel good knowing it is an ethically harvested product that contains no toxic additives. Plus, it’s biodegradable. Compare that to wasteful face wipes with their long lists of incomprehensible ingredients!

Ready feel revitalized? Start by running your sponge under warm water. Watch the sponge puff up as the fibers expand and become silky soft. Each of the sponge’s delicate fibers sweeps the skin’s surface and gently removes dirt and grime that accumulates in your pores throughout the day. Use it with plain warm water for a quick refresh, with makeup remover at the end of a long day, or watch how the sponge creates a rich lather from the tiniest bit of soap for a deep cleanse.

There are millions of types of sea sponges in the world, but Natural Intimacy brand FacialCare come from a very specific sponge species. These are Mediterranean Silk sponges, a uniquely pleasant and silky sponge, well known as the highest quality sponge in existence. Unlike sponges harvested from the Caribbean or Atlantic oceans, Mediterranean sponges are extraordinarily delicate and soft— yet durable, robust, and long-lasting.

Harvesting these natural sponges is an important and delicate process. If a sponge is removed without careful planning, it disturbs the marine ecosystem. All Natural Intimacy brand FacialCare sea sponges are ethically harvested. What is ethical harvesting? It is a gentle process where sponges are removed from their source without touching the roots. Similar to pruning a tree, this allows the stronger and bigger branches of sea sponge to regrow. The gentle harvesting process also causes millions of sponges cells to be released into the waters, where they are fertilized, attach to sea rocks, and grow into new sponges.

Our team takes the time to select, inspect, and test each and every sponge before we decide if it is luxurious enough to pass as a Facial Care sea sponge. We check for optimal density, size, and uniformity because we know these factors affect your cleansing experience. Sponges that are less than ideal are repurposed, while the most pristine, luxurious sponges are passed along to you.

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What's It Used For?Makeup removal. Facial Cleanser. Face sponge. Applying makeup. Applying face oils.
NotesNatural sea sponges may contain traces of typical sea residue. We recommend cleaning your sponges before use.
Why Buy?Upgrade your skincare routine! Your skin will look fantastic, plus it's eco-friendly.
BrandNatural Intimacy

What is a sea sponge anyway?

Sea sponges are the most basic multicellular organism. They have extremely porous bodies that absorb and filter water.

But fear not! Although they are classified as animals, they have no brains, no nervous system, no digestive system and reproductive system. Because they basically function as plants, they are usually considered "vegan-friendly."

Why should I clean my sponge before using it?

Since it came out of the sea, your sponge could still have some natural sea residue on or in it. The beauty of a 100% natural product!

How should I clean my sponge before using it for the first time? How do I clean between uses?

It’s up to you.

Quick clean:

Wash with hand soap and water.

Deep Clean:

Soak in water with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Extreme Clean:

Pour boiling water over your sponge. Let cool, then agitate and rinse under water (Disclaimer: if done often, this will cause your sponge to wear out quickly)

After Cleaning:

Leave to air dry! For best results, hang it in a mesh bag away from surfaces.

Can I use my sponge with liquid makeup remover?

Yes, with a bit of makeup remover, these sponges make quick work out of removing even the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner.

Will this sponge remove a clay or mud mask?

With just a bit of warm water, your sponge will take that mask right off.

I clean my face with coconut oil. Is this a good sponge to use.

Absolutely! These sponges pair wonderfully with natural oils.

Can I use this sponge to apply makeup?

You can, but be aware that the surface of these sponges is not totally smooth.

Why is my sponge is starting to look ragged?

After about 9 to 12 months of use, it is normal for your sponge fibers to start to fray. It’s probably time to get a new sponge.

Can my sponge be composted?

Totally! Think about it- what came from the sea is returned back to the earth. It’s pretty awesome.

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