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Glyde Vegan Condoms

In stock
  • Pack of 10 Vegan Certified condoms.
  • Fair trade rubber. Non-GMO. Earth-friendly.
  • Paraben-free. Talc-free. Spermicide-free. Casein-free.
  • Extra sheer strength without added thickness.
  • 4 size options. Find your perfect fit.
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ImageProduct Name
Glyde ULTRA - Medium Size Vegan Condoms - 10 Pack - 180mm/53mm
Weight : 0.046 kgs
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Glyde SLIMFIT - Small Size Vegan Condoms - 10 Pack - 170mm/49mm
Weight : 0.044 kgs
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Glyde MAXI - Large Size Vegan Condoms - 10 Pack - 190mm/56mm
Weight : 0.048 kgs
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  • Buy 3 for £5.32 each and save 33%
Glyde SUPERMAX - Extra Large Vegan Condoms - 10 Pack - 200 mm/60 mm
Weight : 0.052 kgs
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  • Buy 3 for £5.32 each and save 33%
Yes Lubricant- 50ml Water Based
Weight : 0.075 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £4.80 each and save 20%
Yes Lubricant- 100ml Water Based
Weight : 0.138 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £8.00 each and save 20%
Yes Lubricant - 150ml Water Based
Weight : 0.186 kgs
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  • Buy 2 for £12.00 each and save 20%

Glyde manufactures and distributes the highest quality, vegan certified condoms. They pioneered the use of thistle extract to replace the dairy derivative casein in condom production, making it the first vegan certified condom on the market.

Glyde condoms are dairy-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free and void of all risky chemicals including talc, nonoxynol-9, and benzocaine. The 100% plant-based product can even be composed.

Glyde vegan condoms are manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. The exclusive, patented "double dipping" technology makes the condoms especially strong without increasing the thickness resulting in a sheer, ultra-fine sheath.

Other condom brands claim to be so thin, they're "nude" or "naked". Latex condoms are measured in microns. 1 micron = 1/1000th of a millimeter. The truth is sensation will not be affected by microscopic differences, but strength may be. At 55 microns, Glyde condoms are as thin as a condom can be without compromising strength.

The double washing manufacturing process eliminates any unpleasant latex rubber taste or smell.

As a manufacturer prides itself on minimalist packaging. Boxes are made with 100% recycled cardboard and vegetable inks. No wasteful cellophane or plastics are ever used.

4 sizes available:

SLIMFIT 170mm length x 49mm width. Smallest size

ULTRA 190mm length x 53mm width. Average Size.

MAXI 190mm length x 56mm width. Large Size

SUPERMAX 200 mm length x 60 mm width. Largest Size.

More Information
Product SheetGlyde Vegan Condoms Product Sheet
Product VideosNot Available Online
What's It Used For?Hormone free contraception. Preventing pregnancy. Preventing STDs.
NotesDo not use with oil-based lubricants.
Why Buy?Ethically Produced. Vegan. Natural Rubber. Electronically Tested For Superior Strength.

Are Glyde condoms Vegan?

YES! Glyde is the original 100% vegan condom, certified by the prestigious Vegan Society. Glyde was doing ethical and earth-friendly before it was hip!

Why do condoms need to be vegan in the first place?

Casein is a milk-derived powder commonly used as a binder in condoms. So, unfortunately, most condoms manufactures are playing into the dairy industry!

Plus, casein causes that weird sour latex odor and taste in most condoms. Glyde condoms revolutionized the condoms industry, with the introduction of Thistle extract as a totally effective and totally plant-based replacement to traditional casein.

Is the rubber used in Glyde condoms ethically sourced?

Glyde condoms are made with Non-GMO, ethically sourced rubber. Glyde encourages fair trade labor practices, sustainable rubber cultivation, and uses continually evolving methods for cleaner and safer production.

Can I trust the quality of GLYDE condoms?

Glyde vegan condoms are tested multiple times for quality assurance. They are assessed for ideal elasticity and material uniformity, examined for holes or punctures, and electronically tested for strength.

Because condoms fall under the regulatory standards of a Class II medical device, they are also subject to ISO (World Health Organization), the FDA and CE manufacturing requirements. They are also are regularly tested by independent third party laboratories to ensure they meet performance standards.

Do Glyde vegan condoms contain spermicide or Nonoxynol-9?

Nonoxynol 9 spermicide, also known as N-9 is a surfactant chemical that breaks down and effectively kills sperm. But of course, the chemical does not pick and choose which cells to kill.

Ever felt itchy or irritated after using a condom? Spermicide is probably to blame. N-9 breaks down healthy cells in the vagina and the penis leading to irritation. If that were not enough, it attacks beneficial bacteria and skin cells, disrupting the vaginal flora and leaving you susceptible to yeast infections and UTIs.

Besides rashes and itchiness reported by both men and women after using spermicide, we know that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in it. The delicate mucous membranes in the vaginal canal are highly absorbent. The nonoxynol-9 directly enters our bloodstream, spreading toxins throughout our entire body.

Glyde is committed to safe, fun, and eco-friendly sex. N -9 is simply an unnecessary component in effective condom use!

Do Glyde condoms contain parabens?

No way!

Parabens are preservatives frequently used in cosmetics, body lotions, and poor quality personal lubricants. Extensive research shows that parabens can potentially disrupt normal hormone production and balance which can result in numerous serious health issues.

Are Gylde vegan condoms lubricated?

A single drop of 100% silicone oil is applied to each Glyde condom to allow it to slide off the manufacturing mold and not stick to itself in the package.

Typical condoms are lubricated with glycerin, a type of sugar. Sugar encourages the growth of yeast that can easily lead to an infection. The last thing you want is a yeast infection invading your sex life.

Glyde is committed to producing pure condoms, without unnecessary ingredients. To add slippery fun to your sexy time, use a separate a separate body-and-earth-friendly water-based lubricant.

Do Glyde vegan condoms have a smell or taste?

The absence of casein automatically reduces unpleasant tastes often found on regular condoms. Glyde condoms are also double washed to eliminate any residue that could affect taste and smell.

How do I know which condom size will fit me?

Glyde condoms come in four sizes: SLIMFIT, ULTRA, MAXI and SUPERMAX.

A condom that fits is a condom that works. Incorrectly sized condoms can either fall off during intercourse or break, both of which put you at risk of pregnancy or STDs. Plus, they are uncomfortable. Not a good combination.

SLIMFIT 170mm length x 49mm width.

Fess up, guys! Wearing a condom that is too big helps no one! This condom is made to fit snugly.

ULTRA 190mm length x 53mm width.

This is the classic, medium size. Most men fit within this range.

MAXI 190mm length x 56mm width.

Just a bit more room in the girth for a more comfortable fit.

SUPERMAX 200 mm length x 60 mm width.

A larger than average penis can actually be a pain - literally! Choosing the right size condom ensures comfortable safe sex!

How to accurately measure penis size (ie, the fun part):

1. First, get your penis erect. How you choose to accomplish this task is up to you, but you can’t move any further until your penis has assumed the proper position!

2. Measure Penis Length. Position the ruler or measuring tape at the base of your penis (where it attaches to your body – make sure to press into the pubic bone as far as you can because extra fat can actually hide the length of your penis). Measure your penis length by marking how long it is from the base all the way to the end of the tip.

3. Measure Penis Width. This part involves a bit of math. (Hey, it's not all fun and games!) If you have a soft measuring tape, grab that, if not use a piece of string. Gently wrap the string or measuring tape around your penis. Mark where the string meets, and then measure the distance of the string with a ruler. Write down that number. But take note: this is not the width! This is the girth. Divide the girth measurement by 3.14, and you have your penis width.

4. Look at your measurements and find your size. Now is not the time for vanity! Choosing an accurate size keeps fun safe and pleasurable!

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