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Milex Omniflex Contraceptive Diaphragm

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  • Effective and hormone-free birth control.
  • Omniflex Wide-Seal rim can be folded in any direction.
  • Must be used with contraceptive gel.
  • 8 size options. Compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing.
  • Discreet shipping to your door.
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60mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF60 - ENGLISH Version
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65mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF65 - ENGLISH Version
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70mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF70 - ENGLISH Version
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75mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF75 - ENGLISH Version
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80mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF80 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
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85mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF85 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
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90mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF90 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
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95mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF95 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
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Gygel N-9 Spermicide. Exp March 2020
Weight : 0.104 kgs
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Vaginal Applicator For Contraceptive Gel - 3-Pack
Weight : 0.030 kgs
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where buy a milex diaphragm

Female Diaphragms Making A Contraceptive Comeback

Diaphragms were once a go-to method of contraception. Effective, discreet (unlike a condom!), comfortable, and side-effect free, chances are if you ask your mother or grandmother about birth control — this is what they used. It was a simple concept with outstanding results. Diaphragms cover the cervix and blocking sperm from entering the uterus, preventing pregnancy. However, as pharmaceutical birth control swept over the world diaphragms fell off the map.

The rubbery silicone cap and circular shape looked old fashioned and intimidating. The need for a trained medical professional to assess your size meant that doctors need to be motivated to promote them. As quick and easy contraception became the norm, many doctors simply stopped mentioning diaphragms as an option. As a result, the number one diaphragm supplier, Ortho Johnson, makers of the All-Flex diaphragm, completed ceased production in 2014.

However, we now see the post-modern woman taking back control of their birth control experience. Women don't want the side effects and health risks of hormonal birth control, and are crying out for an effective and natural birth control. The old fashion diaphragm is just the ticket. Although finding someone to fit you for a diaphragm, and finding a pharmacy that can fill a diaphragm prescription, can be daunting, today's health-conscious women are up for the task.

Finding Your Diaphragm Size

The biggest issue with using a diaphragm is that there are 7 specific sizes, and you need to be fit by a trained health care professional to find out which size you need to purchase. Using the wrong size diaphragm decreases the effectiveness tremendously; simply guessing your size is very risky. Additionally, diaphragm sizes change after childbirth, when you gain or lose a significant amount of weight, or after some vaginal procedures. However, the precise fitting system does have its benefits. When you correctly use your specific size diaphragm, the effectiveness rate of diaphragms is a whopping 94%.

Doctors, midwives, and nurses can easily learn fit a diaphragm. Your healthcare provider will simply use a fitting kit (sold on this site) to test which size diaphragm snuggly, yet comfortably, fits within your vaginal canal. At the fitting appointment, you will also learn how to insert and remove the diaphragm, and how to make sure your cervix is completely covered by the silicon dome.

Where to buy a diaphragm? After your fitting, you will walk out with a diaphragm prescription which includes your size. Diaphragms are available without a doctor's prescription in the EU, and can be ordered online here.

milex diaphragm sizing and ordering online

The Diffrence Between Omniflex and Arcing

Diaphragms are currently produced by Cooper Surgical, who own the Milex brand diaphragm. Milex offers two diaphragm options, each with different spring mechanisms. The Arcing style spring folds in the middle of one axis, and the OmniFlex style is flexible and folds in all directions.

The different spring mechanisms do not affect reliability, choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference. The OmniFlex style generally the more popular choice.

More Information
Product SheetMilex Diaphragms Product Sheet
Product VideosClick Here To See A Video About Arcing And Omniflex Diaphragm Fitting Kits
What's It Used For?Non-hormonal birth control.
NotesCorrect diaphragm size must be assessed by a trained health care professional.
Why Buy?Non-hormonal birth control. Natural skin-to-skin intimacy. Omniflex spring for easy insertion.

What is a diaphragm?

A diaphragm is a silicone dome-shaped device that is inserted before sex to cover the cervix and prevent sperm from advancing towards to uterus. It is always used with a contraceptive gel such as ContraGel.

How is a diaphragm inserted?

The round diaphragm is folded into a cylindrical shape and then inserted into the vaginal canal. It will natural unfold inside your vaginal canal, and is then further pushed into place to cover the cervix. While the process might seem a bit daunting, with just a bit of practice most women find it simple and easy to do.

Why do diaphragms come in different sizes?

Because women come in different sizes! Diaphragms are held in place by the walls of the vaginal canal, and each woman is a bit different internally. A correctly sized diaphragm will hold securely over the cervix. It will not move out of place during sex. And of course, it will be comfortable.

How do I find out what size I need?

A trained gynecologist, midwife, or healthcare practitioner will measure you for size. They will use a fitting kit with sample size diaphragms to ascertain which diaphragm will be the most effective and secure choice for you.

Can I assume my size will never change once I am fit by a professional?

No. It is considered best practice to be refit every year to make sure your size has not changed.

It is also necessary to be refit if:

  • You gain or lose 10 pounds or more.
  • You have pelvic surgery.
  • You give birth or have an abortion.
  • You have repeated urinary tract infections.
  • You or your partner feel pain or pressure during sex.

What do I have to know about using a diaphragm effectivly?

Diaphragm effectivness is completly linked to you, the user, using it corectly. That's why learning exactly how to place it of utmost importance. Your vaginal muscles will have to be able to hold the diaphragm in place, and the cervix must be completely covered by the silicone membrane.

To maintain contraceptive effectiveness:

  • Use only the correct size diaphragm. Do not guess your size.
  • Always use spermicide or contraceptive gel.
  • Apply more spermicide before additional acts of intercourse.
  • Only remove your diaphragm six to eight hours after intercourse.

What can I expect from a diaprhagm fitting?

A fitting kit, which has test diaprhagms in all sizes, will probably be used to help yoru health care providor find which diaprhagm size is best for you. Startign with the larger sizes, they will insert the test diaprhagm and check the internal placment. Once they determin which diparhagm allows that the placment is ideal and the diaprhagm is both comfortable and does not move out of place, they will perscribe you with that size diaprhagm.

In order to ensure your diaphragm is securely hugging the walls of your vaginal canal, you will be fitted with the largest size that is comfortable for you.

After you are fitted, you will be shown how to insert and remove the diaphragm. You also will learn how to check if it is placed properly and covering your cervix. An incorrectly placed diaphragm will increase the risk of a pregnancy occurring.

I see there are only a few millimeters between diaphragm sizes. Can I just choose the middle size?

An improperly fit diaphragm will not be effective contraception. For most couples, contraception is too important to take that risk. (This is not like guessing dress size when buying online!)

To reduce your risk of becoming pregnant, always make sure you are using the correct size diaphragm.

I am petite have never been pregnant. Can I assume the smallest size diaphragm will fit me?

No. Body size is not directly proportionate to the size of the vaginal canal where the diaphragm will sit.

I was prescribed an AllFlex diaphragm, can I use a Milex Arcing or Omniflex instead?

Yes! AllFlex diaphragms were removed from the market in 2013, but the old sizing is compatible with Milex Omniflex and Milex Arching diaphragm.

What is the difference between Milex Omniflex and Milex Arcing diaphragms?

The difference between the two diaphragms is the type of spring around the circumference of the diaphragm. The Arching spring folds across two axes, while the Omniflex can be bent in any direction. See our video explaining diaphragms for a complete comparison between the two.

What is the easiest type of diaphragm to use?

There is no one set answer for the best type of diaphragm. Some users find the flexibility or rigidness of the diaphragm spring effects usability, comfort. Some also feel that firmer or looser vaginal muscles can affect how the diaphragm holds in place, and one type of spring over the other might work better.

Note that these comments are anecdotal or personal views and are not endorsed by any manufacturer.

How long after sex does the diaphragm need to remain in place?

Keep your diaphragm in place for at least 6 hours after ejaculation to ensure that all viable sperm dies before the barrier is removed.

How do I clean my diaphragm?

Thoroughly wash your diaphragm with regular hand soap after each use. Intimate cleansing products such as YES cleanse or Pjur spray are also highly effective at gently cleansing intimate items.

It is recommended to clean your hands and your diaphragm prior to insertion to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Milex brand diaphragms can also be boiled or autoclaved. While boiling between uses not necessary, some women appreciate the option for a higher level of sterility.

Can I use my diaphragm during my period?

Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions which would cover issues such as TSS, intimate hygiene and the obstruction of menstrual flow.

However, we find that most couples overuse their barrier contraceptives. Simply, a diaphragm is only necessary when there is a risk of pregnancy ie, when there is a fertile egg that could be inseminated. The fertile window refers to the about two-week time frame every month when there is actually a risk of pregnancy. Outside of the fertile window, there is no risk for pregnancy, so using your diaphragm is technically not necessary at all.

The tricky part is identifying the fertile window. A fertility monitor like Cyclotest unlocks the secrets of your cycle and your fertility window, giving you the freedom to make powerful decisions about your body.

Are there any contraindications assosiated with diaphragm use ?

Rare cases of TSS have been reported with diaphragm use. Therefore, if you have a history of TSS should not use a diaphragm.

If you have a silicone allergy, do not use this diaphragm.

Sensitivity to nonoxynol-9 spermicide is a common contraindication, so if you or your partner has any adverse reaction, ContraGel natural spermicide alternative may be a better choice.

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